The once school project is now venturing into the food shop business as Malunggay Pastel Spread is set to open their cafe at Pueblo de Oro.

In 2010, four students – Katherine Mary Lim, Steffi Seoul Dalman, Lydia Ruth Robillos and Billy Jim Alerta from Xavier University put up Chai-Me-Pao Foods which produces Malunggay Pastel Bread for their Feasibility Study (FS) Project, a requirement for their Bachelor of Science in Business Management (BSBM) course.

The success of Malunggay Pastel Bread is probably anchored on its health benefits. Their future cafe is located right next to the Pueblo de Oro office along Masterson Mile. Malunggay Pastel Bread is available in several shops in the city. For orders, contact them at 09057113238 or 09321548486, (088) 857-3953; (08822) 72-6264 or email them at

photo by Steffi Dalman

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