Taters opening soon at Centrio Mall

TATERS, with its own League of Winners — Popcorn, Fries, Hotdogs, Chips, Nachos, Onion Rings, Steak & Chicken Sandwiches, Fish Fillet, Burgers, Cookies, Ice Crème and more … will be opening their first branch in Cagayan de Oro City at the 3rd floor of Centrio Mall on November 9, 2012.

Avid movie-goers, students hanging-out, and idle passers-by of the country’s finest malls line-up for a taste of TATERS’ impulse snacks and light meals. And at Centrio, it is located beside Cinema 2 on the mall’s 3rd floor.

TATERS  is a slang word that means “potatoes”; A coined expression used in professional baseball; And now, a fast-food chain with a winning line-up of delicious, American-inspired, snack foods.

Below is their menu. Aren’t they delicious? CLICK THE IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEW.

…and guess what, they also deliver inside the cinema.

So, watch out for TATERS…

For more info, please visit their website at http://taters.com.ph/

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  1. earl98 says:

    uyyy… bago… murag lami lagi ni… Baratoha ra kaayo ani ui… 

  2. degie says:

    @earl98: bitaw, barato ra kaau..

  3. anonymous says:

    at least ang cdo mosunod dayon dili ra kaayo layo ang gap…pero ang davao kontra cebu haskang layoa jud 1990’s may ayala na sa cebu while
    ang davao last year pa lang almost 20 years ang gapsame thing with sm dugay kaayo ngka sm ang davao after 15 years pa while ang cdo vs davao one year lang ang gap.

  4. earl98 says:

    dli na jud lugar me pwd ma excited kng unsay naa bag.o sa amoa? nganong mag seniloso man jud? ung nganong naa man pud mo dri nga dli man d.ay mo ganahan sa mga taga cdo? 

  5. Dude says:


    “BUT, the way you pull down Davao City, ibang usapan na yan” – CDODev has been very peaceful, until Trolls attacked… Please check other threads as well please… 🙂 

    And yupz, wala na jud diay mi right na mahappy na naay bago na establishment mo abot sa amo dani? duh, kitid ng utak… 

  6. oist... says:

    mga alimango napud…

    @dude: you are right peaceful kai tah danhe and we are happy. that is why I don’t get the point na na napud ang presence sah mga alimango danhe?… ala naba silay mabasa sa ilang mga sites? why are they putting interest in searching about cdo?…. dli nako makita ang good connection coz they are pulling cdo down as always… it only means they are insecure…. very simple … unless kung they are puttting good comments then that would be the good reason why they are here… but negative comments simply means insecurity…

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