RTMI buses now equipped with WIFI

A friend of mine riding a Rural Transit bus bound for Iligan just informed me that the bus is now equipped with WIFI.

Truly, after a quick research, RTMI indeed has posted in its facebook account about 35 units of their CDO-Iligan buses will be installed with WIFI as shown below. Travellers will now have time to surf the net while on board. More RTMI buses plying other routes will also be equipped with WIFI.

photo by relevartdiputs

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  1. Gene Eric says:

    RTMI to Davao also has seamless Wifi

  2. Bisakool says:

    Hopefully, the bus route going to Davao has wifi also.

  3. Gwapo says:

    Ayw mu kbalaka atu na i rquest..

  4. asensoko says:

    hehehe. Another first for CDO. Sa davao route, lapa wi fi. Lahi lang inyo, WAY FAY…… hehehe. Typewriter inyo gamiton. Sorry folks, RTMI finds it appropriate for CDO – ILIGAN route…..

  5. lex says:

    naa naman wifi CdeO to davao pero dli pa tanan na rural tours

  6. Bisakool says:

    Heard from the horse’s mouth the CDO – Bukidnon bus route will offer Ipad for business class passengers…………..XD

  7. Gwapo says:

    Unsaon man gd ng wifi dli man mkaon maypa mang hatag cla lbre isnack sa bus..heheh

  8. Jim says:

    Mas maayo na ky aron dli rpod kau boring cge tnaw tv atleat updated ka social media, emails and news while traveling more than an hour ky mostly na gyod phone krn is smartphones na.

  9. flash says:

    ayoo? davao asa na mo? naay inyo? hehe.. jk

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