PROJECT WATCH: Laguindingan Airport latest pictures as of Sep. 25, 2012

While the bidding process for the navigational aids is still underway, take some time to visit the Laguindingan Airport.

Shown below is the apron which could accommodate nine (9) large aircrafts at the same time.

…the control tower and some facility building

Photo below shows one of two passenger aerobridges.

Landscaping along the terminal perimeter is still ongoing.

…Portion of the 2.1 kilometer runway

Latest info is that the airport is now set to open in January 2014.

photos by vincent tom udasco

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  1. ambot lang says:

    or maybe 2015, 2016, 2020??? kadugay ba gyod intawon. dapat gi bid na sa una pa. haay gobyerno sa pilipinas.

  2. LGT says:

    By the time, this airport is opened, it is already too small for the passenger and cargo traffic of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan. This 20 years behind schedule.

  3. damarre says:

    expansion plans being prepared…

  4. purbeda says:

    hulaton pa next presidential electiona ani aya mo operate ky kulang pa pundo para igasto election dapat daghan mo bid aron dako tigum hahahahah mahuman na bidding naa na pud lain bidding ana mahitabo sunod moingon na pud na wala nipasar sa aviation authority chuvaners hahahaha  

  5. Gene Eric says:

    Same sentiment here.  Many governments make mistakes, ours not excluded.  Especially if there’s money that can be made.

  6. Henri says:

    tan-awon nato bitaw if naa ba ni’y mga international flights haha… nihawa na gud ang PAL, how much pa kaha ang international flights?

  7. asensoko says:


  8. degie says:

    @asensoko: dedma lang sa ta. after all, kita mai maka benefit ani ug dili sila, no matter what it takes… PAL or no PAL… we don’t care.. let the CYBER CRIME LAW DEAL WITH THIS

  9. Dude says:

    Unta ba atong pag sugod sa airport gisugdan pud unta ang bidding… hmmm… pero anyways, i know somehow that the long wait would be rewarding… 

    Oi, naa si henri.. mura man langaw sulpot lang kalit. hihihi… ma shock nalang ka pag open sa Laguindingan tanan international flights sa NAIA mo balhin dani… ahahaha… Haters! Geez.!

  10. Aldatsky says:

    Naa na man ni budget. Di lang ta magdali kay lisud para sa mga pirmi gabyahe. By the way, buotan na ang mga taxi sa airport sa CDO. its a miracle.

  11. sky says:

    he folks dont expect to much for this LAG.airport. it”ll not be open next year mga folks sad to dili pa mahitabo na dugay pana ga mga katuigan 

  12. Dude says:

    @Aldatsky mao? dili na 300 padung downtown? hehe… Kung kami kay gawas mi sa airport dayon mag jeep… tag 25 ra. hehehe. lolz. :D

    @sky personally i am not expecting for international flights… knowing that we have a new airport is already good news. :)

  13. goldenskyscraper says:

    New gorgeous airport. If ayala wins the bid, im sure it’ll be one of the most beautiful airport in the country. And because they’re businessmen, they want this airport to be busy. So I guess they’ll try to promote cdo and normin thus, passenger traffict. Consequently, more money. They benefit, cdo benefits.

  14. suxxxnexxxx says:

    hulat mga buang na taga DAVAO…….mubalik ra ang PAL pagmahuman na ang Laguindingan Airport…..mabuang gyud mo samot!!! KUK,,,,

  15. asa says:

    mao ning nidagan sa cdo nga opisyal, nga bisag kana lang nga project dle pa jud niya mapahuman,,.tsk.

  16. Gwapo says:

    Cathay pacific anha na jd mu landing..heheh

  17. Martinique says:

    Richest cities in Mindanao according to purchasing power of residents:

    1. Davao
    2. GenSan
    3. Zamboanga
    4. Tagum

    wala nasud sa Top 3 ang CDO

  18. Gene Eric says:


  19. tryke says:

    ^^^naa napud taga dvo o, nag listing sa tops kuno, as if we care…….di gyud tawon sya mahimutang…..hehe

    seriously, asa nang tagum?

  20. Gwapo says:

    Pinka dato na lugar basilan..

  21. sky says:

    wat we r trying to indulge peoples mind was not how rich the city is.basically CdeO will raise and become a grate city,a city of opportunity for everyone and become a hongkong style city believe me folks

  22. Gwapo says:

    Nag damgo

  23. yataki tumbi says:

    osa sa picture says will accomodate bigger aircraft? bisan ang runway 2.1 k ra. .9mile kolang ra sa dagkong eroplano onya mo ingon aCCOMODATE  BIG AIR CRAFT ONSA-ON MAN PAG LAND NGA KOLANG ANG KA TAS-ON SA RUNWAY DIMODO DILI MAKA ACCOMODATE SA BIG AIRCRAFT PORO BOTBOT

  24. Dude says:

    Hi there Yataki Tumbi. Welcome to CDO Dev…

    Hope you have been reading about aircrafts and airports. Big aircrafts as you like to call them comes in various variants. With the current runway of Laguindingan for sure it can accomodate the Single aisle of boeing and airbus, which are of course the B737 and A320 and A319 and all the variants that comes with it, as well as the ATRs currently being use by Cebu Pacific and the Bombardier Dash Series being used by Air Phil. 

    Thats why naay mga variants because each variants has different specifications na kailangan sa aircraft, like runway length, maximum take off weight ug uban pa. Yes Laguindingan can not handle the wide bodied B747, A340, A380 as these planes are really really big and really really heavy and does need really lengthy runways even if its not full.

    But the current generation of aircraft such as the Airbus A330 and the Boeing 777-200 (which are wide bodied aircrafts and which i believe mao imong pasabot sa big aircraft) can handle a 2.1 KM runway as there Take off run at MTOW is only 2.2 – 2.5 KM. meaning mao na ang kailangan nila na runway length if full load ang aircraft, but if not, it can take off at a shorter distance, besides Sea Level ang Laguindingan so no complex calculations are really needed. And by the way landing requires less runway than take off, ever heard of an aircrafts reverse thrusters? :) And i do consider them as big aircrafts cause the A330 are good for medium haul flights and the B777 as long haul flights. B777 are used by PAL to cross the pacific to vancouver non-stop and the A330 to Sydney and Melbourne. 

    Hope na sabtan ra nimo ako explanation, so before mo comment, research sa gamay bro kay lisod na.. I am no aviation expert by they way, and basic ra kayo na but nonetheless its right. :) And besides, we having a new airport is whats important, mahatagan ang CDO ug International Flights are added incentives.. One step at a time lang sa mi aron hayahay! haha. :D 

    Peace yall! :)

  25. lemons says:

    Even if you explain it sir with technical terms, they will ALWAYS find a way to hate this development. After all, they are only good in putting down neighboring cities. We can’t please everybody, especially those who refuse to be educated because of their stupid pride.

  26. Aldatsky says:

    @ degie: Bakak man na ang gisulat anang matinik kay ang purchasing power in the context of economics refers to the  ability of the currency to purchase goods and services over certain periods of time. It has something to do with effect of inflation in the value of currency. For example, ang purchasing power sa usa ka peso sa tuig 2000 dili parehas sa purchasing power sa peso sa  tuig 2012. Bisan pa ug maghisgot ta ug balor sa peso sa managlahing bahin sa tuig, dili gyud na pareha. Seguro ang iyang huna-huna is the measurement of wealth in terms of the ability to purchase goods and services which is very hard to measure taking into consideration the nature of people to understate their wealth to avoid taxation and also the preference of people to buy goods in terms of its value kay duna may mga high end buyers ug cheap buyers pero dili man na statistically measurable kay behavioral man na ug qualitative research ang kinahanglan ana.

    Social scientists usually use the measurable term of income group or social class because that is measurable. Pananglitan, Pwede ka mobutang sa imong data table nga top ten richest cities in terms of average per capita income kay measurable man na siya. Purchasing power is also capable of quantification if we going to use it in terms of quantity of goods that can be purchased based on time variables. Mao na ang buot ipasabot sa empirical evidence kay suportado man kana sa measurable variables that can be only done through census, survey or statistical research.

    Ang NSCB gani dili gyud makahatag ana kay the two variables of wealth (richness) and purchasing power is incompatible because it is only the variable of time that is compatible to the concept of purchasing power in the context of economics.

  27. degie says:

    @aldatsky: yeah, i know what PP means.. hehe stop nata because, after all, we do not care about them…

  28. goldenskyscraper says:

    Nscb is not tha reliable hehe remember the news regarding the diff results of neda and nscb?

  29. Dude says:

    Fuck is in the house guys!!! Ey there. Doing good? How’s Saturday night sa inyo jah? 

    Dani CDO, karon pa nanmata ang mga tao and getting ready to party… hehehe… :D

  30. Fvck Yourself says:

    So fuck? do you screw and fvck yourself ? we don’t care whatever you present, go on to your seaport and find a macho call boy to fuck yourself! Get outta here! 

  31. BOTBOT KA says:


  32. BOTBOT KA says:


  33. goldenskyscraper says:

    Cge sila ingon nga dli reliable ang wiki.. Cla raman diay nag gamit hahaha

  34. Michelle says:

    Davao is more progressive than that hampaslupa CDO.

    Davao city has 18 Jollibee Branches while CDO only has 16. 

    not to mention more KFC, McDonald’s, Chowking and Starbucks.

  35. says:


  36. says:

    first of all, kanang mga tga laing lugar dha, dli mo manghilabot kai kbalo mi asensado na mo.. kami padulongay pa, so paghulat mo na mulambo mi.. dli kai mag cge ug hinambog.. kai kini nga airport ang mag sugod sa kalamboan sa cdo..

  37. hello? says:

    mura mani BARN unya ang cemented road pareho mana sa amo lama daganan sa akong poodle … while c dude effort kaayo mo explain o.. oh! pleaseeee… dont tell me mao nia airport i mean international airport?..pleassseeeee lng ha hope not.. finger crossed!

  38. sky says:


  39. Dude says:

    Hahaha… So hello? ako ang imong nakita na imong best enemy? But i pity you… :D Kung ingon ana inyong barn, sosyal kaayo mo… Ikaw na! Hahaha… At least kung mag explain ko naa siyay sense diba? KOK! :D Tanawa pud ang mga explanation sa imong mga fellows para maka realize pud ka kinsa way sense ka storya… KOK!

  40. Hilabtanon Sia Kaayo says:

    @ Michelle: By the way, naa ko nakaila nga michelle nga pasyente sa psychiatric ward sa davao mental hospital. Half Bagobo ug half Mandaya man to siya unya gipakog ang ulo sa iyang amo nga babaye mao nga nagsige na lang ug tinagawog. Iyang tatay gipadala man gud siya sa Manila aron mahimong atsay pero dako niyang ka culture shock kay dili siya kamao magtinagawog.

    Pag-abot niya giingnan siya sa iyang amo nga lalaki: “Inday magwalis ka!”

    Michelle: “Nia na sir oh.” (Giwalis niya ang iyang palda ug nakita ang abat nga bungoton).

    Akto nga naa ang iyang amo nga babaye ug gipakog sa ulo sa silhig nga bikog ang iyang ulo dungan ug sulti: “Gaga, ba’t mo ginawa ‘yan?!”

    Michelle: “Ingon mo magwalis ‘di nagwalis, unya masuko diay.”

    Agalon nga babaye: “Sa susunod matuto kang managalog!”

    Ug gikan niadto wala na mohunong pagtinagawog si Inday Michelle bisan nga ang tinuod taga Paquibato District Davao city in the mountain siya.


  41. hello? says:

    dude dili public enemy oi gaka notice lng tka ky effort kaayo ka magreply it seems ur not that busy hahahaha are you employed or managing internet cafe? 

    oo mura cya amo Barn only the sorounding is not like that -bland! hahahaha

    sencya namo ana ako mga slaves , i gave them there day off mao na nag wala dre but im surprised they knew how to go online using there new iphone5 whom i issued to them lol 

  42. Dude says:

    Aw oo naka realize pud diay ko hello? not best enemy but my best friend… i don’t consider anyone enemy… considering someone my enemy is bad… :) 

    napansin diay nimo na reply to the max ko? amazing, naa nako follower… hahaha… pwede mag like? i’ll tell you why, lucky for me, unlimited data plan man jud ko sa ako phone hello… so i check my emails, social sites and of course cdodev through it…. with my new personalized IPHONE 6… Bwahahahahahaha… So poor of your slaves…

    Oi hello, kung bakasyon ka CDO, ingna ko ha… We’ll be glad to tour you around… :) CDO likes to welcome visitors man jud…

  43. hello? says:

    dude, everytime you post a comment my yaya always get nervous because my cp vibrates and shows “JEJE ALERT!”  not even you all those who post comments who exert too much effort to a silly discussion LOL! 

    dont worry i will tell my yaya if we pass by in our commonwealth place- CDO i will ask her to look for you, atles makita man lng nimo akong shadow  (hyena laaafffff)

  44. NJ says:

    hoi…. nagaaway bah ang mga taga davao og tag CDO diri tungod lang sa airport…. tsk2… kailangan banah pagawayan pa uroy. anhi mog manila para makita ninyu kung unsa gid kaprogressive ang manila… pasalamat man gani mo kay niprogress ang city ninyu…. davao sobrang layu naah sa pinakatumoy nga syudad dapit sa mindanao ang laguindingan airport is not only for cdo iligan din kaya naah sa tunga2 sa iligan og cdo ang airport gibutang

  45. walter p komarnicki says:

    last time i read about this ‘international’ airport a few months ago, it was described as being ‘98% complete (except for a few navaids). now it’s not ready for commercial flights until Nov 2013. So with another 13 months to go, perhaps the authorities in charge of all this can explain how people deplaning will get to the city on that narrow road, now that the Mindanao Railway project has been shelved? Or perhaps they’ll develop a fast hovercraft service between the port of Languindingan and CDO port?  Questions without answers.

  46. Ohlala says:

    Medyo nice man pud diay ning Laguindingan Airport.. Go CDO!

  47. Gene Eric says:

    The road is being widened to four lanes.  They have one year to do that.

  48. iliganon says:

    padayon cagayan de oro city sa pag lambo! kay maki share raman mi mga taga iligan… heheh… 

  49. GO CDO says:

    tinuod jud nga gi.expand ang hi-way sa laguindingan kay tungod sa sa airport nxt year…and besides ang mga dalan pajud gi pang aspalto ug nindot xa agian sa mga motorista….hopefully mahuman unta ng uban part sa west side sa mis.or kanang mga dalan nga giguba b4 eleksyon para sa preparation pod sa sa airport! good luck to LGU.

  50. Hilabtanon Sia Kaayo says:

    Actually, ang LADP is intended for the two cities of Cagayan and Iligan. Usahay malimtan lang ang Iligan kay kasagaran sa mga users dinhi mga CDO people man gud. Kung tan-awon ug maayo, mas nakapabor ang mga Iliganon kay mas napaduol na ang airport. Sa akong tan-aw, paingon ko sa Iligan (and endured a long queue of vehicles somewhere near Gitagum), mora’g six lanes man cguro ang widening kay mora’g 2 lanes man ang nakadugang sa masigka-daplin. 

  51. kit says:

    I believe it is intended to all Northern Mindanao friendly people. What CDOC has will be NM pride.

  52. Hilabtanon Sia Kaayo says:

    Agree. Pero mas maayo gyud ug naa pud kaugalingon airport ang Bukidnon kay layo ra gyud ang LADP sa ilang major population centers like Malaybalay and Valencia. People from Gingoog people would be much better using Butuan airport than LADP.

    • goldenskyscraper says:

      Maski krn, taga gingoog mag gamit sa airport butuan. Alangan muadto silag mas layo. Mas nice man ng gmay rag airport. Unya na mag airport ang bukdnon bsta congestd na ang lia kai ang gasto. Ug dli man pud ana ka layo ang laguingan oi. Mura ra gud sa inyong davao downtown pdulong calinan :)

  53. Hilabtanon Sia Kaayo says:

    And agree pud ko ana nga Northern Mindanao people are friendly, especially people from Bukidnon which I consider to be the most friendly people in Mindanao (in my own opinion). Ug dili sab tinuod nga hambogero ang mga Kagay-anon. I live in CDO for 11 years now I can attest that CDO people loathed long stories (hinambog) even if it is just for fun. 

  54. Belle says:

    To: Matinique…… Giunsa ba nimo pahunahuna ang Tagum na one of richest city sa mindanao. basin wa ka pa ka anha sa tagum wa gani mga taksi ga dagandagan puro lang mga tricyckle ……

  55. Cdoeddy says:

    So opening know jan 2014. When are international flights starting and has any airline expressed interest in long haul international flights fron middle east. Austrailia england americas etc better for all travelling home to northern mindanao

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