A proposal for an underpass at Agora Junction shown in the map is now being studied by the city government.

As shown, the underpass is from the Ororama area going under CM Recto Avenue and heading north towards Agora area or Market City. This has to be studied carefully taking into consideration the existing drainage infrastructure in the area whether these need to be further improved or incorporated in the underpass project. When materialized, this could be the third underpass in the city. The first two are in Limketkai Center (1) near Robinsons; and (2) currently under construction at East Concourse extension at proposed hypermart section.

In this proposal, eastbound and westbound vehicles cruising along CM Recto Avenue won’t have to stop the said junction. I would also recommend if possible, vehicles from the west intending to turn left to Agora to turn right at Limketkai Avenue then turn left at former Ororama Megacenter then then head north using the underpass. The problem would be vehicles from Agora turning left eastbound… perhaps they can still use the underpass and turn either right to towards Limketkai Avenue then to CM Recto or left towards Macajalar Road and exit at Pimentel Shop.

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