Word is that the opening of Centrio Mall has been reset to another week to first week of November this year.

This is perhaps still attributed to the ongoing underground cabling and drainage around the building, the continuing finishing of the mall’s interiors, continued work on the mall’s three facades, and some other construction-related issues. Accordingly, store locators are already eager to start working on their respective spaces.

Shown below are photos of the mall’s facade along CM Recto Avenue. Work on the anchor store’s exterior has also commenced as shown.

You can see the mall’s elevated ground floor relative to the street level.

Photo below shows the main entrance along CM Recto Avenue.

You can still continuing diggings along the mall’s perimeter.

Photos below show updates of the mall as seen along Corrales Avenue. You can see the elevated ground floor entrance and driveway with provision of ramps and stairs.

Photo updates of the mall along Capt. Vicente Roa Street shows the mall’s large signage – an Ayala Mall indeed.

Below is the southeast entrance just across Graphics.

A street sign states it all…underground cabling.

…safety is foremost a priority for all workers.

…the mall’s garden as seen from the street.

Continuing work on the facade is evident.

The anchor store’s sides are also getting the styro application. Note the high ceiling ground floor which will be occupied by Rustan’s Fresh.

A November opening is just timely as it coincides with school semestral break and religious holidays.

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