HERITAGE WATCH: Lost resettlement of ancient Kagay-an?

“THE Founding of Cagayan de Oro” is a phrase used as a topic title of a selection by Father Francis C. Madigan S.J. The selection was titled “The Early History of Cagayan de Oro,” which selection is a part of the compiled books “The Local Historical Sources of Northern Mindanao” by Francisco R. Demetrio S.J.

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photo by nomadicexperiences.com

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  1. Gene Eric says:

    Interesting indeed! Settlements leave non-biodegradable objects such as pottery shards, stone tools, bone, etc.  An excavation at the site may confirm this.  Should be done immediately lest prospectors might do it first for profit.

  2. degie says:

    @gene eric: vixsit museo de oro exhibit 1.. so nice

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