Parasat Cable links up with Globe Business for internet connectivity

Mindanao-based digital TV provider Parasat Cable recently formed a partnership with Globe Business for an Internet-connectivity agreement.

As the only digital TV provider in Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental, Parasat Cable further boosted its online capabilities by employing the Burstable GIX solution of Globe Business, allowing it to maximize its Internet connectivity by providing twice the subscribed bandwidth for traffic bursts. This service will improve Parasat Cable’s internet traffic handling, thus enhancing the company’s productivity and work performance by providing a more stable Internet connection.

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  1. Gene Eric says:


  2. Ilam Ibub says:

    Parasat is NOT the only digital TV provider in Cagayan de Oro – is also providing digital (HD and SD) TV via satellite and they do a very good job!

  3. mickeyj says:

    Parasite cable leaves much to be desired. I think they are more interested in getting your hard earned money and returning little for it. Service sucks! The epg they provide is 50% lacking or incorrect. There is no way to determine what programs are coming on as many lack anything but a blank schedule or if they have supplied schedule many are incorrect. As to the number of signal failures due to line upgrading, sun outages, b/o’s, etc. it makes it impossible to see many programs in there entirety. Have you ever tried to read a book, get halfway through the story then find out someone has torn a number of pages from it? That is what it is like trying to watch your fav TV shows on Parasite. Nothing but excuses for the shoddy service with no effort to address probs. Cannot wait for my son to set up sling box back in N/A so that I can quit pouring my pera down a bottomless hole with little in return. Tks. for reading my rant, hope Elpi or someone high up in his org. takes note. mickeyj

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