PROJECT WATCH: Primavera Residences Tower A nears completion

Construction of Tower A of Primavera Residences is now nearing completion.

As shown in the following photos, the building’s exteriors are almost done. They are now focusing on the condo units, which will be fully furnished.

Photos showing Primavera (left) and Granvia Residences (right).

Some closer photos of the eco-friendly building.

The building’s design resemble wooden boxes stacked up on each other.

Photo below shows the south side of Tower A which will be connected to Tower B.

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  1. adiboy says:

    naai second tower? nice building! tetris or rubeks cube?

  2. Gene Eric says:

    2nd tower not yet constructed. I wonder why the 2nd Johndorf Condo has no windows facing SM but having a firewall.

  3. ANONYMOUS' says:

    dba light brown mn ang color ana sa rendering? na dark na hinuon

  4. goldenskyscraper says:

    Wew! Lov’it!

  5. asensoko says:

    Wala ni sa Davao.God bless Cdo and the Philippines.

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