Here’ something you don’t see more often – a shot of bustling Don Apolinar Velez Street taken from the Licoan flyover.

Snapshots from this vantage point usually come only when eastbound traffic builds up at the flyover and if you’re fortunate enough to slow down on top of the flyover.

photo by mm17

  • vaxnavax

    mka-maot jud sa view ang mga poste and wiring…

  • Gene Eric

    Mao gyud Vaxnavax.  Maayo kay na traffic, naka chance ug picture is mm17, bawal man gud mo saka diri, even during the fiesta parades.

  • mm17

    @gene eric: i was riding on my friends car when i snap this angle sir 🙂

  • kahangin_ba!

    this is not the proper place to show off..just saying lol ! pero tsada imo kuha infairness , salamat sa pic 🙂

  • Rudy Mijares

    Beautiful Velez St., as a whole the scene is remarkable. of course there communication wires that could have been put to order but this is a minor issue.