Hotel Sogo now hiring

Hotel Sogo is now hiring for their hotel staff for their Cagayan de Oro branch located at Geleng Bldg., in Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City.

As shown in the tarp, available job positions are for cashier, cook, hotel maintenance man, and room attendant. If you think you’re qualified and you need a job, why don’t you try it.

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  1. kesen says:

    another first in Mindanao !!!

    right here in CDO !!!


  2. togak says:


    Congrats!!! Daghan na mapilian mga customer sa burikat sa CDO asa mo check-in pang short time! LMAO!

  3. Dekdek D says:

    I lab it ayos pang short time wala pa jud bintana…bwahahahahaha….

  4. proud says:

    sobra ka proud kay di maayo. nganong magbuhat og statement nga makapa cause og gubot?

  5. agoy says:

    not a good idea to hire someone from cdo specially sa position for room attendant , walay mosulod ana inyo hotel ky basin naay makaila hahahaha syempre ang suki ana taga cdo rman japon labi na mga studyante or kabit kabit hahahahaha

  6. raterky says:

    o sige dugangi pag daghan kay wa mi mahangol ana sogo hotel….bagay siguro na sa inyo lugar….

  7. vayre says:

    good day sir/ madam ! may i know what is the email address of HOTEL SOGO in cdo? pls? thanks for the reply ūüôā

  8. togak says:

    daghan ignorante dari cdo kay proud kaayo sa sogo!  LOL! mga ugok!

  9. goldenskyscraper says:

    Hmmm atleast they appreciate even a little investment for cdo… Usually, people are hunger on bigger projects when they witness big project in their city and ignore those little investments that were once a dream in the past… They tend to change their standards. But im happy because even though cdo has bigger projects u/c’s, still they’re glad for this investment… I hope the people of cdo will stay humble. That’s the typical kagay-anon…

  10. asensoko says:

    Gasourgraping kanunay ang mga davao bloggers. hehehe kalooy pud. ila mga gipanghambog nga mga developments, taman ra jud sa taroaulin. nalata na lang ang tarpaulin, la pa jud maka ground breaking. looy pud. Good for cdo, bisan ginagmay, pero kanunay. ilang mga mall dagko bitaw, pero, haskang mingawa. ato mga gagmay bitaw, pero bisan Mondays, haskang punoa sa shoppers. Kung ikaw investor, where do you prefer to invest now. hehehe. bye bye Davao. We’re moving fast forward. Your developments are in a pause status. Wait and see ang mga investors. Keep up CDO.¬†

  11. asensoko says:

    I am working on a financial company. Our general manager for vismin ug ang gm sa lncr prefer to have their business meetings in CDO than in Davao. Mas gusto nila sa cdo, kay compact daw. You travel less if you want to enjoy city life. And many of the city’s amenities are comparable to cebu and manila already. Malls, restaurants and night life are just a stone away from ¬†hotels. This is the best advantage of CDO. And lots of international brands and high end shopping styles are already in cdo. Just last August, the president of our company took a 3 day visit in cdo. He was very much impressed of the recent developments here. He find cdo investor friendly and the city’s growth is very promising. He also admired the fast transformation of the uptown into a well developed area. KUDOS CDO. INDEED, LIFE FLOURISHES HERE.¬†

  12. ambotsky says:

    usa ka dakong bakak! syempre taga cdo ka dayeg jud ka sa imo city.

  13. ambotsky says:

    kamo ra man ang gasourgraping tawon. unsay taman ra sa tarpaulin kay nakakita ka. nakaanha tawon ko ug lkk haska mingawa tawon. pause status daw ang development sa davao…katawa lang ko nimo….

    • goldenskyscraper says:

      lol makaheadache ba ang updates sa poor city? Sarreh ha! Mingaw kaau ang lkk. Bibo kaayo ang abreeza. ayg kabalaka, sa kamingaw sa lkk, mag close tanan stores dinhi ug mubalhin cla sa abreeza nga PERTI kabibo as in bibo jud!!!

  14. asensoko says:

    LOL. Reality bites…. Adios Davao City. City of Salvaging. City without due process. byebye. nytnyt…… hehehe.

  15. asensoko says:

    Uli na mo sa davaomga ugok, ambotsky, Magkonsimisyon lang mo ngari sa hehehe. 

  16. asensoko says:

    hehehe.byebyebye. Davao byebyebye. city of killings. city of injustices. city of insurgency. city of no future.nytnyt ……..

  17. queni says:


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