CdeO EcoBag MOA signing held

A Memorandum of Agreement for CdeO EcoBag, an initiative of the Environment & Natural Resources Committee and the Social Services Committee, is jointly signed by City Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Y. Emano and representatives of the major malls and supermarkets in the city during this week’s flagraising ceremony @ City Hall.

This is anticipated to effectively reduce the use of plastics particularly in the malls and stores as covered by City Ordinance #12395-12 (City Ecobag Project).

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  1. Sabrina says:

    What are the city’s plans for the information drive and campaign for this project to be successful? 
    Unta they will at least have this discussed on local tv and radio for a better understanding or the madlang people. 

  2. Gene Eric says:

    You’re right Sabrina.  I like the look of the bag, with all those logos, dili ko maulaw mo bitbit.  I hope there will be a manly eco-bag, kana siguro tall & slim with smaller handles : )  Pang babae man gud nang present design.

  3. Gene Eric says:

    In the yesterday’s issue of  Sun Star Cagayan de Oro, there was a one page ad of S&R Membership Shopping.  Are they opening a store here in CDO? I wonder where? They’re nationwide, there’s one in Davao.

  4. kit says:

    Do they have green color? In my view eco means green or maybe I wrong.

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