Here is no. 56 of the series this time featuring new construction projects in the city beginning with a new construction above at the junction leading to Paseo del Rio.

As shown, several workers are seen and rebars are already rising in the corner lot where an old house was previously destroyed by fire.


Next is the fast rising commercial building at the corner of A. Velez and Luna Streets across Land Bank Velez Branch. This is the rumored Jollibee as posted before when the old buildings were demolished and the area fenced.

Another new construction was observed in Lapasan with this small commercial structure is just some 50 meters from BPI – Lapasan branch. If you’re eastbound, this is on the right side before turning right to Macajalar Road.

Metrobank is also establishing another branch in Lapasan. As shown, this is right beside D’Morvie Suites.

Another 3-storey commercial building is rising in Cogon District. It is just beside Super Kei Shoppers.

This new construction along Osmeña Street began several months ago. It is located across Metrobank Osmeña.

And finally, I took these photos more than a month back. A new building is rising beside Sabal Puerto Hospital as shown.

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