Camella Gran Europa – biggest masterplanned community in CDO

Camella is building a 200-hectare community in Cagayan de Oro. Camella Gran Europa will be the biggest master planned community in Northern Mindanao, and possibly, the entire island.  

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  1. Gene Eric says:


  2. damarre says:

    Pueblo de Oro (360 has.) is much bigger although it is called a township rather than a community

  3. kesen says:

    tsada… una nako pagkakita ani gran europa ,naka ingon gyud ko nga kagwapo sa entrance oy…. murag paingon sa langit…..

  4. cdolover says:

    lamlam, asa man ang swimming pool sa frontiera gipasagdan man sa camella. walay maayong pag dumala, sali abre bag o biyaan dayon

  5. Bisakool says:

    The maintenance of the amenities is one of the homeowner association responsibilities and not of the developer.

  6. cdolover says:

    Bisakool, kindly check the true history of the case filed to HULRB against the developer by the homeowners.

  7. cnuako says:

    I hope this will not worsen the case of flooding in CdeO…

  8. degie says:

    there is no flood in uptown cdo….

  9. Gene Eric says:

    : D

  10. degie says:

    hahaha… all i can say is LOL. baha sa bukid sa cdo? weeh??

  11. kit says:

    200 Has. to be land scape and they will remove all trees and grasses. Almost all area will be cemented. When rain come water will not be absorb on the soil because it is already cemented. This water basically will flow down part of the city and pass through the old drainage which was design when CDO population is still smaller than today. Will for the uptown community no problem but for the down stream community will supper. All of the down stream community are the kagaynanon that live for century already. I believe cnuako is concern in the down stream community which I beleive he or she is a kagayanon that follow the trending of floods in our city.

  12. kit says:

    Sa akong na matikdan. Kanang Puerto nga sapa dili man kana mo overflow, peru pagkahuman sa Puerto hightest ang merkado sa Puerto masudlan naman hinoon ug tubig. Sunod, Kanang Carmen kadtong una dili man kana siya gaka bahaan, peru sa dihang daghan na ang nanimoyo sa taas mabahaan naman hinoon ang Carmen imbis naay dako kaayo nga suba. Unya ang highway paingon sa bulua terminal dili man kana gakabahaan peru sa dihang nanaghan na ang balay diha dapita halos taga liog naman sa tawo ang tubig. So therefore si Camilla dili mabahaan peru inyong mga lolo ug lola naa sa ubos maoy mabahaan. So good luck sa Camilla…..

  13. degie says:

    developers do not just develop a fertile land and turn it into a world-class community without seeing the advantages and disadvantages of the project. camella is in uptown, base on my observance, uptown cdo is bigger than downtown which, it is safe to say, that uptown and downtown comprise in a ratio of 60:40 basis. there are big gorges in the city. uptown developments can take advantage to put up drainage systems connecting to the gorges where it will flow towards the cagayan de oro river and not in direct downtown areas. of course, we’ve got the best engineers who can design a much more developed and advance drainage system. this is Gran Europa. living in a european style community. the developer can even used the system that europe offers when it comes to responding the flooding scenarios in the city. this is not a “puch-pucho” investment. camella is not a low-grade corporation who do not thin about the periphery. i believe they have constituted it already when it comes to that matter.

  14. kesen says:

    OT: hope mag sugod na unta ang SM NALANG PREMIER sa former coke plant oy….. excited na kaayo ko…..

  15. kesen says:

    ay…. SM PREMIER NALANG diay sa former coke plant……mag sogod na unta oy……

  16. kit says:

    Now you get the point of cnuako. If you think camella can provide what you think then go ahead. No body holds, but your fellow cdo has the right to air his/her concern. No need to humiliate a person. We are all looking for the best of cdo. peace!!!!!!!!

    • goldenskyscraper says:

      There’s no humiliation happened here… You just took our posts negatively. And as far as i know, there are already laws regarding the cutting of trees here in ph. Just learned this in our university here downsouth where there was a debate when a tree was cut.

  17. cnuako says:

    Common sense, NATURALLY water flows downward… How on Earth will this flood UPTOWN areas? My comment ” I hope this will not worsen the flooding in CdeO” Therefore flooding is where?

  18. cnuako says:

    Yup there’s no humiliation here @kit just CORRECTION… There are laws alright, but do they (developers) really follow it? People of CdeO please learn from the mistakes of Metro Manila… Metro Manila has the same LAWS but look at them now whenever there’s rain… This is the time for us CITIZEN to be VIGILANT… I for one is for the BEST OF CdeO so we must CORRECT whatever we see wrong…!!!

  19. goldenskyscraper says:

    The case of metro manila is different. The areas were already developed before the law(s) were implemented. But i do agree with learning from what happened in metro manila. And from what i know, the floods that struck cdo were caused by improper drainage (in downtown) or problems from the hinterlands (in cdo river). And if lots of trees will be cut in the uptown area, flooding is just one result. Im afraid soil erosion will happen. But they (the developers) did not sacrifice so far the people’s safety and in fact they became more aware with the environmental issues.

  20. chada_cdo says:

    we got your point but its “SUFFER” not supper. typo.

  21. chada_cdo says:

    we got your point but its “SUFFER” NOT “supper”. 

  22. cnuako says:

    Metro Manila and CdeO flooding cases are almost “THE SAME”. Poor drainage, blocked waterways, deforestation, illegal settlers, garbage, No URBAN PLANNING and many to mention.

    Fyi, Top DEVELOPERS of Metro Manila are also the same DEVELOPERS DEVELOPING CdeO’s Uptown and Downtown areas.

    I am not against PROGRESS and DEVELOPMENTS. Ask your (sacrificial) DEVELOPERS these. Did you really follow and implemented the right LAWS before you DEVELOP CdeO areas? If they say “YES”… Ask them again. Why recently on December 17, 2011- 1,000 plus people died because of flooding???

    Again, we have LAWS. Awareness of the LAW will not take away the flooding, it’s the IMPLEMENTATION of the LAW. So let’s keep VIGILANT…!!!

    • goldenskyscraper says:

      I agree, cdo really lack urban planning downtown and yep that’s why they’re focusing in the uptown area to scatter the developments because if we centralize the progress it will definitely make the area congested… But you didnt get my point. Well thanks for the concern for cdo. 🙂

  23. Kurt says:

    I’m very excited about this project as I will be part of this community very soon…I like living in here because it’s flood-free, and you can still see trees and can probably hear chirping of birds early in the morning…maayo nang naa na community mall aron kung tapulan ko ug naog sa downtown or mag kape2 with wifey, naa ra sa tugkaran…

  24. damarre says:

    Camella’s drainage drain toward the west or Iponan River and not toward Cagayan de Oro River

  25. adiboy says:

    naka adto kog lessandra shet grabe kalayo from entrance kada pa gyud kayo ang dalan. mga 2km pa ayha ka abot sa lessandra . grabe man deay ka loag sa uptown ba?

  26. cdoAUS says:

    question lng guys.township ba tawag sa pueblo de oro?naa man gud township gina develop krn sa davao,ingon nila 1st in mindanao daw.busa ask ko daan sa inyo kay basin nasayop lng ko.thanks

  27. Storm Signal II says:

    pueblo de oro means the golden town. its a township absolutely.

  28. cdoAUS says:
    mao ni link sa 1st Township in mindanao.

  29. kenshin says:

    mas duol man ang cagayan river if tan.awon sa map..
    anyways, citizens of CDO must be vigilant.
    Nice ang development, but most of the time, it’s at the expense of the environment.
    In the end, magsuffer ra jpon ta.

    I hope m.implement strictly ang mga laws prohibiting pagpahak sa bukid. Problem jud ang baha if halos tanan na lng kahoy sa bukid maputol para himuong subdivisions etc. Mining is also a big problem. Ambot if kita mo mga pics sa FB atong sa Iponan ba to na duol kaau sa suba. grabe na kaupaw.. kulba kaau magland slide 

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