New owner assumes Vacation Hotel

The new owner has now started installing 8-feet high green aluminum fence along the frontage of the former Vacation Hotel de Oro at Ramon Chaves Street, Cagayan de Oro City.

It was gathered that the Uys of Mallberry and UKC Group have assumed the ownership of the property considered to be a prime location. The old hotel which featured the iconic roofing design in Mindanao way back has been on the sale block for quite some time. The deal was accordingly finalized just this year. The sale also meant closure of Zax Entertainment which occupies the restaurant and ballroom area of the facility. What’s in store for us we’ll see in the coming weeks. Will the old building be demolished? A major reconstruction would be a good idea.

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  1. mm17 says:

    gaka kulbaan na pud ko unsay ebutang dani.. hehehehe!

  2. cdonative says:

    dili ko matingala if ang tag-iya diay ani si SENDONGKOY. ok ra basta ibutang lang sa SALN

  3. tess says:

    dilikado pila ka tuig tibook cagayan de oro na paliton ni uy….dako baya kinitaan sa mga projects cdo kay mao ra baya contractor allowed FOR  govt projects. panahon na si moreno na mag mayor para iya na pud contractor manghawud..toweweng..goodluck CDO. 

  4. tess says:

    korek..mga bbf’s baya na sila. grabe ni sila ka mga kwartahan tungod sa influence..power bay.

  5. Gene Eric says:

    By the way, the long time vacant property in the block surrounded by Agustin, Tiano, & Gaerlan Sts., near Gaston Park is now fenced.  I wonder what will be put here.  It’s in the same block where Front Street Restaurant (near Dynasty Court & CAP bldg) is.  This place has long been an eyesore because of the tall grass and temporary dwellings, and a smelly place too : )

  6. Gene Eric says:

    I just observed that Corrales Street  (where Vacation Hotel is near) is not serviced any jeepney route but by motorelas only.  Looy ang businesses diri kay dili kaayo accessible.  

  7. damarre says:

    the owner reportedly fenced the property due to persistent complaints of foul odor – used by street kids and mendicants as their CR

  8. Gene Eric says:

    Ah, thanks for the info @damarre.  Maybe they can make a nice fence and a garden inside while this property is not yet developed.  Sayang, na excited hinoon ko, abi nako new building napod : )

  9. damarre says:

    who knows Gene Eric, maybe there is indeed a development. Old lots in Divisoria area are currently being sold

  10. Gene Eric says:

    Ok, thanks!

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