PROJECT WATCH: Vertical construction now underway for Tune Hotel

Vertical works are now underway for the 10-storey Tune Hotel along CM Recto Avenue in Cagayan de Oro City.

As shown, concrete caps are now being poured on the driven piles with steel frameworks for the main columns of the building now evident.

From the outside, the ends of the steel framework for the columns are now seen protruding the fence.

with photos by dkd and rph

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  1. kesen says:

    Nice.  this will join LKK TOWER which is under going construction……so by september Centrio will join to the league, before the year ends possibly the Camella condo…Good !!

  2. mags4short says:

    wow! the building now in CDO is on rising! keep it up!

  3. luibars says:

    when ang expected opening ani?

  4. degie says:

    @luibars: as far as i know, 1st or 2nd quarter next year.

  5. chix says:

    naa nakabalo asa ang ofis sa ilang contractor ani? or contact number? thanks!

  6. luibars says:

    @degie: ang nka butang lge sa ila fb account kay kayanun nila humanun at the end of dis yer..

  7. Bisakool says:

    10th storey building to be finished in less than a year no chance, at least 3 years including fit up.

    • damarre says:

      Tune Hotel is targetted for opening July 2013

    • goldenskyscraper says:

      Did hear about building a 30storey in just 15days? 😀 btaw, pwede man japun less than 3 yrs oi! 10 storey rana. Ang 20-storey gani sa manila 2-3yrs including the fit up…

  8. Bisakool says:

    Everything is possible, however realistically I’m not convinced, maybe I’m wrong. We’ll see how many floors they can complete every month, considering the civil activities (i.e. formworks, rebar, concrete pouring, etc.) including curing time before you can advance to the next floor.

  9. cdoadik says:

    July 4th next yaer as per RPH’s website. link:

  10. kit says:

    By good planning and scheduling with correct manloading it is not impossible.

  11. kesen says:

    NICE……….. hopefully more hotel brands will come to CDO soon…

    ganahan ko moabot unta mga hotels like…….. swiss belhotel, best western, ug shangri la…….wish lang hehehe….

  12. kesen says:

    salamat kaayo tune….. this will signal the coming of more foreign hotel brands in the city….. good !

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