Licoan flyover goes purple too

As expected and as previously announced by City Mayor Vicente Emano, the Licoan flyover is now painted purple.

As shown in the photos below, the main approaches are already painted purple. Only the middle span is left for painting. They usually do the job at night when traffic is less and painting is less disturbed.

The main supports are already “purpled”. The light purple indicates first coating was applied.

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  1. cdoadik says:

    GI ATAY!!! unsa naman ni?!?!?!? apilan nalang unta niyag drawing nga flowers nya bees ug butterflies aron bibo iyang kinabuhi.. na buang maning emano oi!!

  2. kit says:

    Painting of all bridge and flyover is not bad. But the choice of color seems not matching with the city eagerness to boom. If 60% of CDO will be colored into purple and you are on top watching the city total view, it will look like cemetery.

  3. cdolumad says:

    Yuck Kaluod!!! Pakaulaw lang ni si Emano sa CDO.  EPAL Kaayo!!!

  4. defconq says:

    Purple is royalty. A mysterious color, it is associated with both nobility and spirituality. Purple has a special, almost sacred place in nature: lavender, orchid, lilac, and violet flowers are often delicate and considered precious. Because it is derived from the mixing of a strong warm and strong cool color it has both warm and cool properties. A purple room can boost a child’s imagination or an artist’s creativity. Too much though, like blue, could result in moodiness. it is a color of good judgment…

    Purple is also associated with riches and finery…

    Purple Symbolizes: Creativity, Wisdom, Royalty, Spiritual, Magic

    Personality Traits of Purple: 
    Inspirational leaders, kindly and just, humanitarians, self-scarifying, visionary, creative, and strong mentally.

    Meaning of Purple in Feng Shui: 
    Yin, spiritual awareness, physical and mental healing. Purple is best for the Wealth & Prosperity area of your home to help attract more money into your life.

  5. magz4short says:

    ang mga traffic enforcers pod unta purple pod ang kolor para terno……hehehe peace!

  6. Bisakool says:

    Most of the patrons on this blog site are claiming CDO is first which is I’m happy too. The city’s color purple, we should be the first in Mindanao to have it. Cheers!

  7. popohat says:

    pwede butangan ug abstract painting? hehe

  8. maggie says:


  9. maggie says:


  10. Gwapo says:

    Haiissstt…kadaghan sa mga reklamador oi,pwede ba support nalang ta kong unsay mga kalambuan sa city,,pagtukod sa flyover daghan reklamo,sa choice sa pintora reklamo japon,mga tinukha mga arte kaayo mo!!mas ok nalang na kysa sa color pink!hehehe peace!

  11. degie17 says:

    motor sa mga RTA, purple.. kita ko. kabantay mo?

  12. aon says:

    Purple is viral, nagkadaghan nana diri sa syodad…makabuang tan-awon…naunsa nani oscar help uy…tanan project ug uniform i-require napud ug purple…biyoletttt..

  13. aon says:

    first and last cause no one follows unless tua pud didto si biyolet..

  14. himantayon says:

    purple gay insik mana si dongkoy!

  15. himantayon says:

    na daot na gyud si dongkoy! dugay ra na sya daot!

  16. cdopurple says:

    nice man ang color… kamo nlng mag pintura…nice man xa kay unique sa cdo lng ninyo makita ang purple na flyover …..atlest walay kapareha kumbaga naay creativity hahaha

  17. Tau'ma Udasco says:

    sakit sa mata…

  18. wala_ni says:

    ataya ani oi!!!

  19. Giancarlo Fring says:

    It should have been green. Green signifies a clean environment, unity and organization.

  20. CDOTourGuide says:

    BANTAY HUGAW HUGAW LANG NI SA MGA GA VANDAL.. yawa na sila ga hugaw2x sa syudad nato.. unya mu sikat sila kung mag vandal

  21. eee says:

    then show me scientific proof nga purple really gives yin, spiritual awareness,physical healing etc etc
    purple can boost a child’s imagination? really?asa imong scientific proof? di nang isa lang ka data ha? dapat daghan data nga mag confirm ug replicate sa results.
    purple = royalty? eh ngano ang royal taxi yellow man? kung magsuot ko ug purple karon prince charming na ko or emperor of the world na lugar ko?
    kung magsuot kog purple rich na lugar ug fine na ko?

    purple inspirational leader? really inspirational leader lugar nang mga jejemon nga ga purple? tanan lugar ga purple kind and just? visionary pa siguro pero not in a positive way kay purple isa nas makita sa vision sa mga adik nga high na.

    busa ay pag pa luma2x ug tubag dha ha? kay maski tuod purple ang topic diri, ang imong gipost layo ra kaayo sa pasabot aning gibuhat nga pa purple2x sa ogag!

    LOOPHOLE gibuhat ani niya ga awat2x atong gapa FENK FENK PINK nga MMDA, subliminal message by association, i said LOOPHOLE kay gi bypass nila ang ANTI-EPAL BILL. ilara ninyong mga bugok ayaw mi kay di mi manugot nga igo lang mi ninyo in-anaon. gusto lang ninyo permi bugok ang mga tao para kamo na lang permi pang botaran. aron ignon pro-poor mag laban2x sa mga sidewalk vendor, trisikad driver kay katarungan nila nanginabuhi sila.nanginabuhi lagi mo pero ibutang ninyos saktong lugar. ganahan pud tawong mga uto2x kay wow pobre mi gi labanan mi ni mayor parts. kani atong butaran, wa tawon kabalo ang mga uto2x nga kanang gilabanan sila para madayonan na ilang panginabuhi nga intawon di sila madato ana magpadayon ra ang cycle sa poverty paingon sa ilang anak sa apo etc kay di sila gusto mo progress ning mga tawhana kay once ma edukado ni sila ug ma realize nga ang tinuod nga pro-poor nga servant of the people di ra sa pagtabang para ma uyonan silas panginabuhi nilang was lugar nga di ra gyapon sila madato kundi hatagan ug saktong edukasyon ilang anak, sakto nga healthcare para sa kabos di nang hospital nga gi donate tapos naay dugo maski asa,job opportunities etc etc

  22. ramram says:

    Purple is symbol of nobility mao ni ang color nga nagsimbolo sa usa ka hari…

  23. ramram says:

    @eee>>> Purple is symbol of nobility (royalty) this color is use in London tan-awa sa opening Olympics…

  24. manila_dev says:

    YUCK!!! CDO is just a so-so city… many infra developments (although not all are great) but when it comes to the total package of the city (good governance, good policies, competitive LGU), it’s just like other cities in the Philippines unlike Cebu and Davao which really has a mark to be proud of in the international scene…

  25. popohat says:

    whatever troll 😀

  26. cdonative says:

    @manila_dev, thanks for few positive comments but will take the others as a challenge. thanks for dropping by…

  27. kesen says:

    @manila_dev, ayaw lang na i-apil ang davao kay dili pa angayan…..cebu ok ra…..

  28. cdonative says:

    the latest is cebu is out in top 10,…. but CDO shall continue to the challenge. ASDANG KAGAY-AN!!!

  29. goldenskyscraper says:

    LGU rana. Pwede na ma change kung wholeheartedly jud mag serve ang local gov’t sa usa ka syudad. hehe w/out the cooperation of lgu (if wla jud), nice man japun ang cebu 😀 ang cdo pud… Unta ma challenge ang lgu dre cdo… Mao raman kulang jud dre and everything will be in the right place.

  30. kesen says:

    OT :  Hopefully makabuhat unta si Mayor Emano ug DANCING FOUNTAIN…. same dre sa Luneta ug sa DUBAI….. 

    ug unta naay city ordinance nga mag banned sa mga billboards along major streets of CDO…… ug anti-parking ordinance also along major streets in the city…..

  31. manila_dev says:

    mine is just an opinion… one should not be angry for these criticisms because these have credible basis:
    Cebu= pros:great infra, great connectivity with other countries and points in the phils., supportive private sector, contains many foreign firms)
    cons: LGUs are not that unified or remarkable in terms of perfrmnce

    Davao= pros:great policies (some even preceding other foreign countries such as no smking policy whch preceded Spain), great projects (911 system, ibm project-im surprised wth this because as i’ve read, its frst in asia, traffic signalization), great LGU
    cons: lacks infra especially assembly areas such as stadium, lacks foreign connectivity

    do not be mad or treat me as a troll but i think Davao really is a role model for Mindanao, it is comparable to singapore in its early stage of development… CDO needs a lot of improvements to be at par with Cebu and Davao…  its local gov’t is just like any other cities in the phils., i hope some like Duterte cud sit in the public service chair in order to expedite the growth of your city… 

  32. kesen says:

    i have to correct your statement regarding —–at par with cebu, davao is not that progressive yet to be called at par with cebu…….CDO can still match davao city’s developments specially that laguindingan is about to open… fact the underconstruction building above 30 storeys high is here in CDO and not in davao !!!  you have to think about that…..

  33. kesen says:

    hala ka, naa koy nakaita sa ssc DAVAO VS.CDO —— dili kaha ni ang sinugdanan sa gyera….mo-ulbo gyud ug samot ———- i can see it in the NEAR FUTURE….. cdo peeps dont worry becoz we have more deadly weapons coming……… you know na !!!



  34. goldenskyscraper says:

    I dont think its right to make dvo vs cdo sticky thread. For me, it will worsen the battle between the two. I mean come on, its a world wide forum and lurkers can see that. Of course kagay-anons will go w/ cdo’s side and davaoeños to davao’s. And that will be the reason for others to register, to defend their respective cities. What happened to those moderators? If they cant handle the situation, they should resign! I dont really have problems w/ davao city coz Most of my relatives are there. I just cant stand davao forumers and yeah only davao forumers. Nothing more, nothing less.

  35. Ilam Ibub says:

    Dongkoy is a sick bastard!

  36. gilbert t says:

    hehehehe its ok dongsky. this flyover will remain purple for awhile. don’t cry. go out with your boyfriends and drink margarita…

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