PROJECT WATCH: Primavera Residences, Granvia Suites latest update as of August 5, 2012

Brown-themed claddings are now being installed at Primavera Residences while Granvia Suites has already topped off and is now undergoing exterior works.

Below is a closer look of the new metal claddings at Primavera Residences.

As shown, this section at Pueblo de Oro has drastically changed uptown area.

You can see some fimished units at the second floor. This could perhaps be the model units.

The t-cranes pointing north…

More photos below.

Latest rumors indicate more of these will be built in this area.

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  1. boodex says:

    Hopefully matinood ang mga rumors hehehe…

  2. kesen says:

    So far, for me ang Primavera ang the most beautiful building nga ako nakit-an sa CDO….

    Naghinay-hinay na ug lutaw ang iya tino-od nga beauty……

  3. degie17 says:

    can’t wait for more in uptown.. bahalag midrise lang sa as long as it ranges from 10-15 storeys… okay na sa ako..

  4. orville says:

    korek! well situated, excellent design, convenient , great view,and no worry sa flooding. Palit na! presyo  muta as for sure 🙂

  5. orville says:

    tinuod, maayo pagkadesign, great location, excellent view. palit na! 🙂

  6. cdonative says:

    this is really flood worry-free area… looks nice ang design… kanang ila side, they can put wide-screen monitor hehehe

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