Latest update of the 3rd Bridge Access Road (Igpit-Bayabas Section) revealed temporary lull on the construction activities. This is usually caused by the pending release of project funds by DPWH or pending payment of project billings by the contractor, Butuan-based Equi-Parco Construction Company.

Shown below is the junction of the National Highway at Igpit, Opol. As planned, all city-bound large trucks will turn left from the highway and use this new highway. Current status show the junction is used as parking area for these trailer trucks. 

Going eastward and as shown in the photos below, a lengthy portion of the Igpit-Barra Section is now 4-lane concreted. However, since the highway is not yet being utilized, local farmers in the area are using one lane of the road as solar dryer for corn.

The four-lane becomes just 2-lane concrete here as it approaches northern part of Barra, also in Opol.

The concrete road in Opol section ends at the junction near the Provincial Office of National Irrigation Administration (NIA) as shown.

Photo below is the same road as viewed looking west showing the end of the concrete road.

Photos below show the second Iponan Bridge which is already done. Dump trucks are seen idle and parked on the bridge. This bridge was underwater during Sendong.

However, the bridge approach at Barra is yet to be made. The growth of the plants near the bridge indicate the work stoppage was mad a long time ago.

This photo below shows the approach looking west. This road leads to the NIA office.

Photos below show the bridge approach at Bulua.

A closer look of the contractor’s field office near the foot of the bridge.

Some newly delivered earth and aggregate materials are seen onsite.

Some concrete slabs are also seen onsite as shown. These are probably used in cross drains. You can also notice that this section in Bulua is already 4 lanes concrete.


Photos below shows the junction of the new highway at Bulua’s barangay main road. Turning left here leads you to the seaside.

Meanwhile, turning right here leads to Bulua proper and the National Highway.

Photos below show the 4-lane highway going east towards Westbound Terminal. Some fishponds can still be seen on both sides.

Photos below show the end of the road at the Montecarlo Complex area at the Westbound Terminal. The blocked road indicates payment has not been made yet to Montecarlo, I think. You can see a new commercial building (yellow) at right indicating the proprietor is already preparing for the eventual opening of the road.

Beyond Westbound Terminal, the Bayabas Section starts a few hundred meters further – a 2-lane concrete road as shown below.

Photos below show the Bayabas section near the junction at Kauswagan-Babayas Road. Except for the 2-lane concrete road, there has been no progress so far in this section up to this time.

We are still hoping that this project will be finally completed but a vital component is the bridge approach at Barra which still needs more work to be done.

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