PROJECT WATCH: Ongoing renovation for Sogo Hotel now underway

Interior renovations are now underway at the former DFA Building (Geleng Building) in Lapasan for the coming of Sogo Hotel.

There isn’t much to show except for the sign which states “NO PARKING, FOR RENOVATION”… some hollow blocks, a group of workers in the background and the tarp of Sogo Hotel. As of this time, most of the work is concentrated inside the building. We’ll be seeing more of the red, white and yellow color theme of Sogo once work on the exteriors begin probably in a couple of months.

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  1. bodoy says:

    wa na daghan nasad makasala ani ba…indemand nasad ang mga taxi ani…

  2. DodongJanjan says:

    Mao jud….

  3. Bisakool says:

    RH Bill should be enacted before the opening of SOGO hotel.

  4. cdolover says:

    RH Bill has nothing to do with the opening of this hotel! Hallerrr.. U must know what u are talking about! ;-(

  5. cdolover says:

    This establishment has nothing to do with RH Bill! Halerr! When we post we should know whatt we’re talking about… ;-(

  6. bodoy says:

    walay na RH bill pag libog na kaayo ang mgpartner.heheheh

  7. Bisakool says:

    hehehe may nainis sa post ko. peace 🙂

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