PROJECT WATCH: Ayala’s Centrio construction update as of August 1, 2012

Here are fresh construction updates taken today at Ayala’s Centrio Mall.

Shown below is the main entrance along Corrales Avenue. You could see the main driveway and some landscaping in front.

Below are photos showing the mall’s facade along Corrales Avenue. Excavations for the drainage are still ongoing along the perimeter.

Photo below shows a section of the ground floor and the side glass panel. You could see the text “DWN 2.699 ” at lower right which I believe means 2.699 meters – depth of the basement.

A closer look of the service elevators with workers onboard.

The colors of Kukun Hotel show some elegance and business atmosphere.

Here’s another shot of the ground floor.

Ramps are also visible now.

Some deep excavations are also ongoing at the back portion, the site of the proposed Centrio Tower.

Glass panels are about to be installed at the circular corner of the mall as braces are already in place.


A closer look of the entrance to the basement parking just below the circular corner.

A different shot of the entrance along Corrales Avenue.


Photos below show the mall’s facade along CM Recto Avenue. Observe the building setback from the road.


Photos of the anchor store which is also almost done.

The underground cabling is almost done. In fact, they’ve already covered it. Concreting follows next.

A closer look of the underground cabling being worked on.

Another shot of Centrio fronting Gaisano Mall.


Latest reports indicate an October opening but full-blast operation is expected on the following month of November, just in time for the Christmas season. What are you going to buy when the mall opens?

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  1. Bisakool says:

    The first thing I’ll do when the Centrio will open is to eat a Japanese food (yummy sashimi!, tepanyaki!, etc.)

  2. goldenskyscraper says:

    Ako? Magyaka jud ko sa ayala mall kung pwede :p btaw, magkaon2 lang kunuhay sa mga food kiosks lol

  3. ARJG says:

    ako, wala! people will flock the mall, streets congested, for short hassle ug gubot. will visit the mall after a month or two or more. 

  4. carl vinson says:

    Possible ba na ang Centrio ang naay pinadako na food court sa tanan CDO malls? Salamat daan sa makatubag.. 😉

  5. polski says:

    ambot lang kaha pero sure ko kani ang pinakadako nga Rustan’s sa nasod 🙂

  6. himantayon says:

    ako? adto dayon ko sa cr para testingan lol

  7. jeff gaitan says:

    i talked to the construction engineer yesterday and i asked him when is exactly the opening and he said that that by october,the tenants will be given their respective space enough time to prepare and by december will be the business opening of the mall to the public.

  8. jeff gaitan says:

    i talked to the engineer who is the project in charge of the mall and i asked him when is the opening of the mall.and according to him by october.the mall’s tenants will be given their respective area or space enough time to prepare and by december will be the grand opening barring any glitches of course..

  9. jeff gaitan says:

    i talked to the project engineer and i asked him when is exactly the opening.and according to him,by oct, the mall’s tenants will be given enough time to prepare in their respective space or area ana by dec, will be their opening to the public..

  10. eeee says:

    mao nay construction.
    di pareha anang mga dato man unta nga mga gapatukod ug building sa manila pero tu-a ipag-bamboo lang ang mga according sa tagalogs ang “contraction” workers.

  11. eee says:

    mao nay “contraction” (according to tagalogs).
    kay unta mga dato man nang gapatukod ug mga high rise buildings sa manila pero ipag-bamboo lang nila ilang mga contraction workers.

  12. polski says:

    ha??! hahaha

  13. kesen says:

    Kay murag nag sige nalang karon panahuna nga ang CDO ang consistent nga 1st in Mindanao, naay possibility nga naay ROBISONS GALLERIA CAGAYAN DE ORO…..hehehe…

  14. kesen says:


  15. mags4short says:


  16. goldenskyscraper says:

    there lots of projects in cdo na sure na pero di ginawan ng thread sa ssc. bakit kaya?

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