RANDOM SHOTS: Cagayan de Oro 3rd (Puntod-Kauswagan) Bridge

Here are shots taken of Cagayan de Oro 3rd Bridge or more commonly known as the Puntod-Kauswagan Bridge.

The pictures are taken looking east or at Puntod. This is a traffic-free route for those who would like to skip the traffic-heavy CM Recto Avenue. However, when you arrive at Puntod, once in a while you’ll be stuck up as dozens of trailer trucks unloading 20-footer container vans in warehouses often hamper this alternate route. Sooner, when the 3rd bridge access road (Igpit-Bayabas Section) is completed, public utility jeeps could ply this route.

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  1. degie17 says:

    amazing shots sir damarre.. murag SRP lang sa cebu ai.. heheh imagine tall buildings in that area… world class kaau

  2. kesen says:

    pagka tsada naman diay dre na area……mo-boom gyud ni dapita very soon…… and Ayala will start developing their property in Bulua……perfect !!!

  3. goldenskyscraper says:

    I cant believe those photos are in cdo! Grabeh nice bridge. Wa pa ko kaadto dani!

  4. magz4short says:

    nice photos! ug nice ang area kay dili trafic ug walay pollution sa hangin!…apan naay portion dha nga f dli ma.kumpyansa kay murag molupad ka?!!!! hahahah..ingat nlng sa dumadaan.

  5. Gene Eric says:

    One hectare of grassland in this area is on fire; smoke envelopes the area.

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