PROJECT WATCH: Continuing underground cabling at Centrio

Installation of underground cabling for utilities continues at Centrio Mall.

As shown, the PVC pipes which will serve as conduits for the utilities connections most importantly the electrical wirings, are properly laid out in the trench provided. The circular (or hexagonal) concrete sections you see will be the manholes for repair and maintenance purposes.

photos by mm17 & nooboon

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  1. luibars says:

    nice! atleast ma limpyo tan.awn.. entrie city unta e underground ang cabling

  2. Bisakool says:

    We are not ready yet for complete underground cabling of the main power supply, the material specifications are different from the above ground cable and it is very expensive. Furthermore we need more substations and it’s location is within the proximity.

  3. brynox says:

    dli pwde sa atoa ana. f naay proper tunnel pwde n. dlikdo sa baha.

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