Here are more updates of previously posted construction projects in the city…no. 53 of the series.

First is the 4-storey dorm-pension house along Tomas Saco-1st street as shown below which is nearing completion. You can see the beautifully crafted decorative stones on the left. I think this would be completed in a month. Previous update was March 8, 2012.

Next is this new Crown Paper store at the ground floor of the Loft Inn along Velez-JR Borja Sts. It just recently opened after this was first posted last May 22, 2012 or roughly 2 months. Still, the store could make more sales once the concreting of the street beside it (JR Borja) is completed.


Vertical construction of the new 5-storey CLIMBS building along Tiano-Gomez Street is also underway as shown below. Work was focused on the foundation in the past few weeks. Previous post on this was last May 22, 2012.

Meanwhile, more steeel beams are being installed at this new commercial building along Hayes Street fronting Bagong Lipunan Restaurant. Its proximity to Divisoria, banks, schools and other small offices will make the building attractive to potential business entrepreneurs. Previous update was three weeks ago on June 29, 2012.

The Chevrolet Showroom along Kauswagan Highway is also now on the final stages of construction as shown. Exterior painting is currently underway. Previous update was April 9, 2012.

This building in Cugman (the former KIA showroom) is now accepting reservations for the spaces available once the building is done. You could see a large warehouse at the back. Previous update was April 9, 2012.

Finally, below are photo updates of this 4-storey building also in Lapasan at the junction of Lapasan Highway and Lapasan-Camaman-an Road. As shown, the facade basically has not changed but construction work has focused on its rear part as shown. This could be a good building for an educational institution. Previous update was April 9, 2012.

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