PROJECT WATCH: Big development now at Tune Hotel

A few weeks after workers from Vineyard Construction arrived onsite, significant development can now be seen at Tune Hotel project site.

As shown in the following photos, there is now perimeter fence and excavation is now ongoing probably for the 10-storey building’s foundation. You can see some site supervisors onsite too. Other bystanders are seen asking for any job vacancy (I assume).

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  1. kesen says:

     go cagayan de oro !!! more international hotel brands to come in the city of golden friendship………..

  2. eliza says:

    dili naman daw tune hotel ni. i heard this lot was bought by Sy for his new SM Mall…

  3. wabsh says:

    your right eliza. mayor emano himself said that in his radio program in Magnum.

  4. kesen says:

    no, i think mao gyud ni ang tune kay nigawas naman sa bag-o nga press release…… I READ THIS IN MANILA BULLETIN BAG-O LANG………..

    Ang ila pa gani head manager ang nag mention about their upcoming hotels in the country —————– soon to open ang Cagayan de Oro.

    na-confused gani ko kay before naay Davao city but sa latest press release wala na. ang nakapuli ang ILOILO CITY.

  5. polski says:

    mao.. vineyard construction ang nagtrabaho ani, mao sad na sila nagtrabaho sa tune hotel cebu

  6. luibars says:

    ingn ni VYE sa iya radio program kay dli dw na sa tune ang kasikas dha. sa sm dw na. gpangita dw ug lain lot ang tune pra ma tukuran nila.

  7. aljon says:

    ang likod ana is SM mall..Lahe r ang ektarya sa coke ug tune nw construct

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