Sino si S?

Sino si S? – almost every street corner in Divisoria had this tarp installed a few months ago.

Now, there are only few of these tarpaulins left as others were pulled down by bystanders or other people who might have other use of the tarp. Luckily, I was still able to find one. But who really is S? Is S a person? Perhaps S is really a person. Up to know I’m still clueless on this.

Maybe S is something coming in the city. Perhaps somebody knows and could gladly share.

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  1. mark says:

    basin “S” for SOGO haha… sogo ghapon….green lang dli pula.. 0_0

  2. vicmadz says:

    Could this be a new herbal supplement? s for supplement? 🙂

  3. solidCDO says:

    simsimi? =)

  4. Batang Mindanao says:

    Sharon Shuneta ^_^

  5. popohat says:

    haahahahaahahahahahaha I KNOW!!!!

  6. kesen says:

    basin SHOPWISE……..

  7. dude says:

    Spa siguro ni… 😀

  8. hotelier says:

    S= SOGO

  9. kurimao says:

    S and R..

  10. kurimao says:

    S and R…

  11. shokoy says:

    Hahahhaa.. amaw-amaw.. hehehe

  12. jaysan says:

    According sa akong cousin, ang S daw kay Milk Tea Shop nga mag-open sa Vanityworks, Limketkai…

  13. jfk says:

    bsin sex=sugo

  14. Gene Eric says:

    Dili siguro Hotel Sogo kay yellow and red man ang corporate colors.

  15. magic flakes says:

    S = shabu dealer hehehe

  16. Gene Eric says:

    Sweet Leaf?

  17. damarre says:

    Sweet Leaf’s logo/design does not match the poster above.

  18. Gene Eric says:

    Sakto pod. Lahi ra iyang font, color and bamboo design.

  19. polski says:

    SUMOSAM? kabantay ko sa ilang gilmore branch naay mga kawayan sa gawas

  20. damarre says:

    i was thinking about SERENITEA….. design is closer (same color) but the font used for “S” is again different

  21. kesen says:

    Samsara Spa? ——- Sheraton ?———– Six Senses Resorts ? Or SHANGRI-LA  cdo ………….hehehehehe….

  22. bun-i says:

    the SANCTUARY spa & salon

  23. Pertmaster says:

    S for Seven Eleven

  24. cdonative says:

    kabalo kita tanan kinsa si S…. S is SENDONGKOY… siya ang sala ngano mas dako ang na angin ug mas daghan namatay sa bagyong Sendong

  25. goldenskyscraper says:


  26. joker says:

    sino SIKAT

  27. Gene Eric says:

    It has been 2 months, I wonder who or what this is?

  28. Gene Eric says:

    It has been HALF A YEAR, I’m still wondering who or what this is??

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