Here are latest photo updates of Riviera Hotel at Paseo del Rio as of July 17, 2012.

As shown, construction has somewhat slowed down from the 5th to 7th floors. Still, work is still ongoing. Accordingly, they’re waiting for more construction materials to be delivered onsite. You can probably notice the building lines forming the exterior shape of the lower floors. I think the vertical structure will begin from the 6th floor.

photos by nooboon and dkd

  • Gene Eric

    Will the ground floor/s of the Riviera Hotel be a parking area? Because it is prone to flooding; the lower floors was flooded in Jan 3, 2009 and again a few days later and December last year.  I’m also wondering about the design of the lower floors of the Convention Center across the street.

  • twinks89r

    Hello! can i ask For the contact number of Rivera Hotel’s Contact person? 🙂