HISTORY WATCH: Does Patag mean Philippine Auxiliary Tactical Air Group?

Is Barangay Patag really an acronym for Philippine Auxiliary Tactical Air Group or is it just plain flat land?

Philippine Auxiliary Tactical Air Group is the former name of the camp now called Camp Edilberto Evangelista (Read SOURCE). Coincidentally, its acronym is P.A.T.A.G. Shown above is a 1952 photo by Laurence A. Dondanville of Patag Airfield. Below is my best probable angle of the same site taken from google-earth.

Superimposing the 1952 photo revealed that the once airfield is now the golf course. I simply took notice the angle of the road leading to the camp which is still the same as of today.

Could Patag be derived from Philippine Auxiliary Tactical Air Group or is it just simply a flat land as defined.

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  1. kenmags says:

    now i know. thanks sa info.

  2. Rudy F. Mijares says:

    Very good information. Now i know what PATAG means Philippine Auxiliary Tactical Air Group. It is NOT the patag as we ordinarily know – plain.

  3. Bisakool says:


  4. Gene Eric says:

    Good job Damarre! You’re a good investigator who knows how to use modern tools to bring forth the truth.

  5. Gene Eric says:

    Just like I learned that a part of EDSA was once an airport and where the now Filipinas Heritage Library or Neilson Tower was the control tower.  And there was once an airport in Lahug that’s why the place is spacious & flat has lots of acacia trees.  

  6. Gene Eric says:

    And they say that there are a lot of trees in the past. Look at that picture, it’s a barren lanscape, nothing but grass.  Must’ve been bulldozed by the Americans?

  7. Gene Eric says:

    I opened Google Maps in that area to check what old buildings are still around and guess what, I saw a plane heading for a landing in Lumbia. Here’s the link: https://maps.google.com/?ll=8.489022,124.625934&spn=0.006218,0.006899&t=k&z=17  I’ve never seen this plane before, this must be a new satellite shot. Amazing!

  8. Gene Eric says:

    I guess only the red rust roof building in the camp (not the one in the golf course) is the only one still standing.  Amazing!

  9. giahak says:

    Karaan mana nga satellite image ngetz 2004 pa!. Naa man latest ana Nov. 2010 og Jun 2011.

  10. Mckoy says:

    Hey guys! heres some facts about who Edilberto Evangelista is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edilberto_Evangelista

  11. Mckoy says:


  12. alroms says:

    i live in camp evangelista since birth, and i know that camp evangelista a former airfield,,,and now i know that there’s a meaning of patag..great information…but its all sad bcoz some houses inside the camp are already been demolished….

  13. TOBI says:

    I didn’t know this shit, but hey thanks for the INFO

  14. vicmadz says:

    Wow! I did know that there’s a meaning for PATAG. All I knew was it was named PATAG because its on a flat surface.

  15. Kerwin Salvador says:

    Patag was already called as such even before the Philippine Air Corp (the PAF today) came into existence.  The name of the Airfield (the Patag Golf Course) was Parade field named by the Americans. 
    Patag is a proto-filipino word to mean a flat land.  All over the Philippines we have places named as such (Baranggay Patag, Kapatagan….)  
    Patag is indeed a flat land on top of a hill, and used to be a rice field. (NFA even had a warehouse built in Patag)
    Father Haggerty in his book Guerrilla Padre mentioned it as a Place in Cagayan (This was during world war 2 when the Filipinos had a number of Pilots based in Luzon.  We do have Filipino Aviators who were WW2 heroes like Basa, Villamor, Juliano and of couse Tiano of Cagayan de Oro who ironically was known more for his intelligence work than as a pilot.)
    We never had a Philippine Auxiliary Tactical Air Group and why should we have an Auxiliary unit when our Airforce barely even flew then?
    Patag is just what it means then and today… Plains.

    • rudy mijares says:

      It was during the time of the Guerilla (World War 2). when there was so called Philippine Auxiliary Tactical Air Group. Please read the source Article for this posting. As as provided. Everybody knows who have been to this place, the area which is called Patag is not really “patag” or flat surface. it is hilly and sloping.

  16. What is the source of the information, the date, the publication?

  17. TrueKagayanon says:

    Trying to romanticize the name PATAG? Sorry to disappoint you, PATAG simply means flat land. Please correct this mistake. You are giving people wrong information. Next time, ask experts from the academe and not those in the City Government who are ignorant of the city’s history and culture.

  18. ella says:

    PATAG means Philippine Army Training and Athletic Ground…

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