PROJECT WATCH: Cagayan de Oro Coastal Road latest updates as of July 17, 2012

Latest update on the construction of the coastal road project (Lapasan-Gusa section) showed significant progress on the two vital bridges in this phase.

Shown below is the ongoing  pile driving at the mouth of Kolambog Creek. It will be just a matter of time that the foundations would begin.


Meanwhile, the second bridge located at Gusa just near the former Aguilar Foundation School has just finished pile driving and is now on the foundation works.


Shown below is the extent of the work in progress of the coastal road.

photos and text by nooboon

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  1. popohat says:

    thank you sir Rufus!

  2. mags4short says:

    wow! soon naa nata boulevard nga masuroyan! thumbs up!

  3. goldenskyscraper says:

    I hope daku sya nga dalan or pwede ma widen…

  4. degie17 says:

    soon @goldenskyscraper… soon

  5. Bisakool says:

    We need a baywalk boulevard where we can jog or brisk walking.

  6. chubiprince says:

    The problem with this ‘baywalk’ is puro mga heavy vehicles ang kasagara muagi dani like trucks if ma open nani. Kinda unsafe for pedestrians if mag-stroll2x sila dini.

  7. johalecadiz says:

    unsa namay upadate sa coastal road???pwede ipakita ang upadate sa kalsada?????

  8. Roldan B. Golosinda says:

    pwede mag ask when a start an phase 2? para ako nlng gigiba ng bahay namin?

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