PROJECT WATCH: Ayala’s Centrio exterior painting in progress

Latest construction updates of Centrio showed exterior painting now in progress.

Photo below shows the building at the southern side is now painted green.

Meanwhile, the rest are painted pale cream or beige similar to Kukun Hotel.

You may notice in the photo below the concrete fence bordering the mall and hotel project and the future site of Centrio Tower (foreground).

The logo of Centrio Mall is now etched in styro.

A panoramic view of the project is shown below.

photos and text by nooboon

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  1. Tau'ma Udasco says:

    can’t wait!!!

  2. mags4short says:

    BOOM!!! GO CDO!!!

  3. suspect says:

    pagka nindot sa colors

  4. miko_06 says:

    ako sad

  5. jonathan says:

    CdO!!! i’m coming…..very soon.

  6. Gene Eric says:

    I’ve been asking about using styro as cladding for months. Is it safe in case there’s a fire?

  7. Bisakool says:

    This building is insured, obviously the insurer has some requirements such HAZOP, SIL, and QRA studies during the detailed design.

  8. popohat says:

    guys, im a noob when it comes to architectural materials…what you mean with styrofoam is the normal styrofoam?

  9. Bisakool says:

    It looks like a styro but it’s not. It’s a kind of insulation material (Dryvit system), and fire retardant.

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