Here’s a picturesque aerial photograph of SM City Cagayan de Oro…worth to share… photo by Paul Oraiz.

  • popohat

    oh my god, what a nice scenery…uptown and downtown combined..and look at those vacant lots!
    future developments?

  • degie17

    cdo’s version of fuente osmena, this is called fuente de oro.. future developments might include SM residences here…

  • kesen

    wow, dako pa kaayo ang area nga wala pa na develop…………….. i really hope nga naa untay dako kaayo nga hotel or 5 -star hotel nga magtokod diha sa pueblo de oro……….

    and also i really want PRYCE PLZA  to renovate and expand their hotel to be able to compete with the new hotels rising in CDO…….

    Nice gyud unta kung ang PRYCE PLAZA will go higher than 20 floors….. in that way, PRYCE PLAZA will keep their glory as the quuen of hotels in the city of GOLDEN FRIENDSHIP…………. if ma -materialize ang high -rise hotel of pryce , i suggest to change their name to GRAND PRYCE HOTEL CDO……… bongga !!!

  • kesen

    same with grand prize !!! …… hehehe…….

  • naa paba vacant lot ang SM diri kung mag expand sila? ilaha nang naa sa likod, tabok sa carpark?


    WOW :O

  • degie17

    @poslki: well, they own coke plant now.. aside from pueblo de oro area and in downtown, naa pa cguro.. wala lang ta kabalo.. hehe as far as i know, megaworld properties pud naa  nai huge areas dri cdo….

  • @degie: gamyan ra kaayo kos SM pueblo.. para nako daghan kuwang, muadto pata sa downtown nga trafic pud. nagkadaghan na bya pud tawo sa uptown, angay napud na nila padak-an

  • kesen

    dili kaha matandog ang garbo ni HENRY SY noh ???  ang iyaha mall wala man mag number 1 sa CDO ??? 

    mas tsada unta paliton na ang CAMP EVANGELISTA sa Patag ug buhatan nga pinaka dako nga SM MALL sa Mindanao……named SM MALL OF THE SOUTH……. or SM MINDANAO SUPER CITY………….

  • kesen

    Ug si Stephen Gaisano natakdan ug natandog ang garbo ug maghimo nasad siya ug GAISANO MALL OF THE  EAST sa PUERTO……..ahahahhaha…… or GAISANO ” THE METRO” sa Kauswagan………

  • hahah ambot wa ta kabalo sa huna2x sa mga Sy para sa CDO.. para nako kung mag open na ang Paseo mall ug Centrio, mag ilog sa number 1 ang Ketkai ug Centrio, number 3 ang Paseo mall, number 4 na ang SM hehe.. IMO lang

  • degie17

    kung dili mo boom ang SM malls dri sa cdo, bcin diay mo boom ilang SM residences, eh di daghan nata high rise.. hehehehe…. ambbbooooot ni gaisano.. wa koi labot ana..  SM mall of mindanao? hmm.. mall of the universe dapat… hhee

  • kesen

    hahahahahha…………. murag ingon ana gyud ang mamahimo nga kapalaran sa SM dre CDO…..number 4 lang ???  mosogot kaha si SY ana nga pwesto ??? number 4 ??? 

    mag himo gyud siya ug gimik nga EYE-CATCHING  sa mga mata sa Kagay-anon para dili siya mahulog sa # 4 nga spot…….. ug ang future MALL sa COKE PLAANT gamay ra gyud siya nga madani ang mga tawo sa pag adto sa SM kay nag exist na ang SM PUEBLO…..

    AYALA is something new…. ug for sure patok kaayo sa panlasa sa mga Kagay-anon [ RICH or POOR ]………..

    mao maghimo gyud siya ug High-rise building sa COKE PLANT para ma amaze ang mga Kagaya anon…….

  • Achilles_25

    balo b mo na ang banko ni Sy na bdo gikuha sa ngalan sa atong siyudad na cdo!?
    pangutan-a gali ninyo nagwork sa bdo..:)

  • goldenskyscraper

    Ui kamu jud ah katawa ko sa mall of universe ug sm mindanao super city haha bitaw, cdo will never be the same. (Of course, being the center of the economic tiger of the south) viva de oro!

  • degie17

    i just hate the idea nga puros malls ang naas recto… traffic.. high rise condos unta naa… hehhe wall street….

  • Bisakool

    Banco de Oro (Bank of Gold) – no connection

  • kesen

    yah, sounds like cagayan de oro…. banco de oro…. feel nako mo astig man gyud ang CDO in the near future…… there are many reasons why CDO wil boom and will attract investments……

    pohon kung mahuman ang 36 or e- 40 storey nalang unta ni ketkai….. maka attract gyud ni ug samot sa mga outside investors….

  • degie17

    CDO—MINDANAO’s CENTER of LARGEST ECONOMY.. the local tiger economy!! philippines got 7,107 reasons to cherrish..  but cdo has 488 thousands more.. small population yet consumer base with over 1,000,000 and has 488.8 sq. km. of area to cover hundreds and thousands of high rise buildings!!

  • goldenskyscraper

    Ok lng kung dli daku ang sm 2 cdo. Bsta pinakadaku ang sm 3 cdo sa reclamation area lol

  • russellup

    I hope daghan mag open na BPO (call center). This will benefit fresh graduates and young professionals. I want to go back to CDO and work but BPO pay is too low. Trust me, cost of living in cebu and cdo the same. Stream Global Service (formerly eTelecare) is part of the Ayala Group of Companies, I hope they can bring Stream in CDO.

  • Gene Eric

    I guess the classic RC chopper flown here during the weekends is the one where this screen shot was taken. If the controller turns 90 degrees to the right, he can take a photo of the Alvarez ICT Center.

  • kesen

    Yes, the city government of CDO must act @ do something to attract more BPO’s/ Call center companies to invest in the city, or else, Cagayan de Oro will be left behind…….

    BPO’s is a trend today, and it is a smart move for CDO to lure more BPO’s becoz this will generate more money to more people in the city…….. this is a great economic opportunity if CDO can attract more BPO’s…………

    Mayor Emano must act now on BPO’s !!!

  • kesen

    The city government of Cagayan d Oro must act now…… bring BPO’s to our beautiful city, such as :

    JP Morgan Chase
    Results International

    and others……

    Mayor Emano please do it now !!!

  • daug

    that huge vacant area there in the top portion of this photo is owned by vista land. i hope manny villar will prefer constructing high rise condos like wil tower in quezon city instead of subdivisions.

  • daug

    it would offer a vey nice panoramic view to the city and its sorrounding areas. see for urselves.:p

  • Gene Eric

    We may not have very high rises in the area yet as Lumbia runway may be used by the air force.

  • daug

    ZZZ… THATS A BAD NEWS. they hav to do it somewer. and i hope camp evang will move to lumbia airport much sooner so that we could use that huge prime area for business. sell it to megaworld, sm, or to ayala perhaps. that area is much bigger than ketkai. :p

  • robert

    hahah impossible keu mu 20fl and pryce..dats so risky since ang site kay mountainous,,consider the BUILDING studying architecture
    hir in silliman.. but im not sure first year pq now.

    • goals

      puede sab og nganlan SM MALL OF CANTINENT. hee.heeee

  • Kurt

    Ah! My wish list, too! BPO’s fuel the economy of many cities in the country. CDO’s not having much of them, yet the city experiences a burgeoning economic activity- wa pa na BPO ha? Unsa na lang kaha kung masudlan ta diri ug mga dagko na contact centers?! Sutoy na jud ang CDO. BPO’s are the lifeblood of many commercial centers in Cebu, like the integrated Cebu Business Park ( Ayala Cebu and the former Asiatown IT Park)…Hope the Concentrix spell will end very soon…

  • lameass

    yaw kabalaka guys mindanao is growing fast sama sa cdo ug davao, excited na kayo meh sa opening sa cvg ug teletech ug other big playres sa davao ang cvg confirm na hehehe,, for sure cdo ang sunod go mindanao