Here are latest updates of construction activities inside Limketkai Complex as of July 14, 2012.

As shown below, construction of the carpark and hypermart building has now reached the adjacent DFA building. Note the high ceiling of the ground floor. The hypermart’s second floor will be at level with the East Wing (Marks and Spencer).

The 2nd underpass is also going full blast. This will be under the hypermart and carpark building just beside the creek which will be covered.

Closeer look of the carpark building show significant progress with construction now going to the second floor. You may notice the ramp in the photo below which indicates the elevation of the ground floor from the road. Accordingly, walkalators similar to that of Robinsons will be installed here.

The building just at the back of Starbucks has now finished concreting the 2nd floor.

And finally, the secodn floor expansion along the east-south portion of the mall is also going full blast. Concrete enclosures are now being undertaken. More trendy shops are reportedly being eyed to occupy the new spaces here.

photos and text by nooboon

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