PROJECT WATCH: Robinsons Supermarket Gusa now underway

The official notice has been installed…Robinsons Supermarket will occupy the building formerly vacated by Fair Price along Villa Ernesto Subd. along the National Highway in Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City.

Ongoing renovation has been going on for sometime but only rumors state that Robinsons has acquired the building. Now that it interior work continues, we may see its opening in a couple of months.

With this new development, Robinsons is expanding to the east with hopes of capturing the upper market class of nearby subdivisions.

photos by jaysan

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  1. chard05 says:


  2. titojohn says:

    I’m looking forward to shopping there. I hope someone has thought about adequate parking, and a plan for vehicles coming and going. If not, it will be more of a traffic nightmare than that area is already.

  3. kesen says:

    Hope , Robinsons Land will invest more in the city…… 

  4. Sabrina says:

    The parking is to be located beside the Supermarket, on the left side when you are facing the building (currently the Surplus Car shop). This is scheduled to open last week of July, hopefully. 

  5. josep says:

    when will this shit exactly opens?

  6. josep says:

    when will this open?

  7. bogoy says:

    karong katapusan xa mag open.. i heard also na naa pa buhaton na robinsons mall sa city dont know wer pa

  8. hoku says:

    I am super excited to shop here.

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