After months of inactivity, workers are now seen at the construction site of the proposed 10-storey Tune Hotel along CM Recto Avenue.

As shown, a makeshift quarter was built overnight for several blue-shirted workers.

Here’s a closer look on one of the workers’ uniform…

Well, it turns out they work for Vineyard Construction. A clearer image of the company logo is shown below. Vineyard Construction is a Cebu-based construction firm which was also involved in the construction of Tune Hotel Cebu.

Well, this developing story quashes all the previous rumors.

  • popohat

    wow. i thought this project is dead, nice update sir 🙂

  • Jerome

    what i heard from this project was not 10 storey, its 18. sayang daw ang lugar if 10 lang…

  • mm17

    are u sure bai? 18F?

  • mm17

    are u sure 18f bai?

  • kit

    nindot unta kung butagan nila ni ug zip line paingon ayala ug kit kai para tisoy. Wala gyod trapik……….

  • degie17

    no it’s not 18.. unfair to other tune hotels in metro manila and cebu also in malaysia.. they only have 10 storeys their.. ato lugar ang mas taas?

  • kesen

    hala nice ra,… madayon jud diay…… cguro gilantaw nila nga dako kaayo ila profit kung naa na ang SM DOWNTOWN…….. murag kung ato e-compare sa Ayala concept sa Centrio, sila ang ang mamahimo unya nga  KUKUN sa SM Downtown………. so perfect location gihapon sila sa ila hotel business…..mixed use gihapon ang mahitabo diha dapita although dili parehas ang mga company diha….

  • kesen

    basin ug 18 gyud kay dili pa bya daghan ang hotel sa CDO nga parehas nila ug target market…… lot bya diha dapita,…… so, the big reason there will be SM…..

  • Bisakool

    I heard from the horse’s mouth it’s only 8 floor.

  • Barangay 24 tsada

  • nooboon

    i have seen heavy equipments yesterday but maybe they were just parking, ill check later to confirm

  • proud_kagayanon

    I heard nga gipalit na daw sa SM ang lote sa TUNE hotel pero makalibog kay naa naman construction worker diha. 

  • proud_kagayanon

    I heard nga napalit na sa SM ang lote sa TUNE

  • mm17

    @kessen: hehe bai kessen daghan naman hotel sa CDO, well kung 18 na sya or whatever it is basta ang importante naay tune sa CDO, proud to be na kaayo.. with strong economy 🙂

  • kinsa nimu nadunggan bai? nindot raba ang plastar sa lote nila diri i compare nimu sa cebu na tapingig. pero pareho ra nga duol sa ayala mall

  • degie17

    it doesn’t mean man nga gamay pa ang mga hotels sa cdo, 18 storeys na daun ang tune hotels… signature nana sa company nga up to 10 storeys ra jud cla, hunaa, it’s just a budget hotel.. malaysia has already tune hotels, dghan napud hotels ddto, so with cebu and metro manila… kung target market man lang ang istoryahan, it’s not the height of the hotel that attracts the consumers’ wants. it’s the comfortability of the guests nga maka relax sila sa isa ka hotel nga barato na, tsada pa. mao na ang market sa tune hotels, not just a pucho-pucho investments tungod kai wala pa lugar high rise kaau ang cdo, unya, mo compete na sila mintras gamay pa kaau ang competitors.. it’s not like that..

  • mags4short

    @degie-sakto jud ka sa imng idea bai…no wonder kung ngano mas gadaghan pa ang mga investors nga dri sa CDO.

  • mm17

    @degie17: hehehe! relax lang bai deg. hehehe

  • degie17


    @mags4short: just like makati, with only little as 500,000 population serves as a consumer base in a more than 12 million people in metro manila.. 

    @bai mike: hehe. mag strong raba jud ko.. haha bitaw, mao jud na akong sa akong pagka marketing major aii…

  • degie17

    high rise buildings are just signs of developments. not a mere physical condition that attributes how a city is very progressive in monetary terms and investments. if we want our city to be one of the most developed and one of the highest HDI, then let us speed up our economy, our macro and micro let’s focus not on tall but big investments.. no need for such a budget hotel to be high rise. remember, we do not only accept foreign tourist with high income equivalent to those who can afford 5 star hotels, we still have local tourists who are willing to stay in our city in the cheapest possible. because, it’s more fun here!!!

  • kesen

    for me, i think mas better for tune hotel to grab the opportunity for having the best location in the city………..10 storey hotel building is i think , limiting their soon- to -be -profit since the location is within the city’s current CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT—- the area is the future Makati in CDO -where large shopping malls is a walking distance,and besides CDO is growing very fast where investors and tourists are also rising in numbers….. what i mean is that CDO is not that developed in terms of tourism,where hotels are not that abundant as to date and competition between hotels in the city is not that stiff…… TUNE hotel is an international brand and CDO has few hotels of international brand, so better for Tune hotel to position itself aggressively in CAGAYAN DE ORO……

  • degie17

    @kesen: they are already aggressive–that’s why they invest in the philippines gane. 1 in cdo, another in davao, cebu, makati, taguig, quezon. isn’t that so aggressive? to think that there are many international hotels in cebu and metro manila? if u put yourself to them, it wouldn’t be fair if they insist to put up high rise or a “5 star” budget hotel… their business is to cater only budget accommodations not luxury. if they want to grab the opportunity that CDO has offered and “has to offer” then, it depends in their market. yes, the number of foreign and local tourists in cdo is growing in doble digit numbers. wouldn’t it be an advantage to them that since they are already known in asia would be fair enough to compete other companies in a way that they marketed their brand internationally and was known for its affordable yet excellent accomodation? dili mana mag matter sa height sa hotel, sa kaluag sa rooms or kung wifi ready naba na ang isa ka hotel or mapa naa man sa cbd or wala or doul ba sa mga malls or dili, it’s a hotel, it’s their initiative to do a market research about their location. and since it’s a hotel, a budget yet international hotel, they have the initiative to put up their establishment somewhere near in cbd. they are not limiting their profit. they just know how to compete in a PROFESSIONAL WAY!!

  • degie17


    para asa ang expensive nga hotels sa city if most of our tourist whether local or foreign only wants to stay in a budget hotel.. it’s not how social a hotel is that attracts the tourists, it’s the accommodation, hospitality of the staffs and the service it rendered. kung ikaw kuno, mo visit ug isa ka city somewhere far, unya this specific city is offering only LUXURY ACCOMMODATION which will costs you thousands of dollars, do you think its—-SULIT??

  • degie17

    we’re competitive enough to put up an international hotel.. but being competitive in market is not about luxury etc.. it’s just simply don’t exist in the same way as you think it would.. it’s like, you’re just so tense that cdo is competing against davao, cebu and metro manila.. txk2! not a fair competition.

  • goldenskyscraper

    I think I understand what kesen wants to point out. Manila and cebu have more hotels than cdo and cdo has grown very fast lately. He just want tune to grab the opportunity while the iron is hot. Just like sm. They cant just build an sm savemore in that prime lot. They should build a huge mall because the market is there. Its not unfair if tune will put up an 18-storey edifice taller than in other major major cities. but if its just 10-storey, I think the reason is not about fairness. Still, I kinda agree with degie, I think that’s their signiture, up to 10-storey only. 😀 whatever it is, WE SHOULD WELCOME TUNE WITH OPEN ARMS hehe

  • mm17

    both degie17 & kessen have a point 🙂

  • degie17

    rock and roll….

  • shelley mae

    hi! can you help on how to contact vineyard construction in davao city?

    thanks ahead.. SHELLEY