Cagayan de Oro Online Business Directory

A new website based in Cagayan de  Oro called that aims to create a detailed directory of businesses in CdeO.  Visitors simply types in what they are searching for and the site gives you the results. It’s useful, specially when you don’t want to physically drive around the city in the summer days just to search for a store.

For business owners, this is a free opportunity. Mainly because adding your business in the directory is FREE. By entering the details of your business, the location, the products and services, your business can get free visibility in the internet.  A kind of a free advertisement.

The website is looking forward to a time that getting pointed to the right direction is only a click away.

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  1. joe taruc says:


  2. Ilam Ibub says:

    Gaisano serves the purpose, nothing more and nothing less:
    They sell affordable goods.

    It is made for C, D, E customers and there are more of these (ca. 80-90%) than A and B customers, not only in Cagayan de Oro but anywhere in the Philippines.
    Their concept works – I have more serious doubts about the concept of the other malls (the current SM City is not very profitable).

    Due to the outrageous rents in Limkerkai goods are much too expensive (some more than in SM) and they will have a hard time competing with the new national players Ayala and SM City (Lapasan branch) .

  3. goldenskyscraper says:

    I dont think sm in uptown is not profitable. Yes they have less foot traffic compared to ketkai and gaisano, but shoppers in sm really shop. And they’re not just shoppers, because sm is strategically located close to highend subdivisions. When i visited there, lines of costumers in the cashier are evident. after the flyover was done, visitors of this mall have increased exponentially. Have you visited the mall recently?

  4. goldenskyscraper says:

    And dont worry, ketkai can handle the situation, same with ayala and sm downtown. Coz it has the title as the biggest commercial complex in the island. 🙂

  5. polski says:

    OT: Ayala also announced that more development projects will be given to Cagayan de Oro.

  6. Job at CdeO says:

    Hi can i add my website to your free directory? thanks in advance my website is about free job listing to help other people find jobs particularly here in cagayan de oro

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