Here is series no. 48 with previously posted projects in the city starting with progress of the expansion of Ororama Supercenter in Cogon.

This was first posted a year ago last June 15, 2011. It took several months before work finally began at the site and construction sped up only in the past few weeks. The expansion seemed to be 3 storeys linking the old Ororama building along JR Borja and Mortola streets.

Meanwhile, this 3-storey commercial building along Ramon Chaves Street fronting Vacation Hotel de Oro is also nearing completion. They are now open for leasing. Previous update was January 22, 2012.

Photos below show the update of the Couples for Christ Building along 26th Street in Nazareth. As shown, construction is now on the 2nd floor. Previous update was March 8, 2012.

The building below right at the heart of the city along Hayes Street is envisioned to be a commercial building with some architectural touch as depicted on the rendering. As shown, steel beams are now being erected forming the main structural frame of the building. With its strategic location, I’m pretty sure inquiries on its spaces have already reached the owner’s desk. Previous update was October 25, 2011.

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