In case you haven’t notice it, there’s an ongoing soil testing (I assume) at the rear Parking Lot of Gaisano Mall.

This activity has been going on for over a month now enclosing a section of the parking lot behind the mall as shown. Could it be a drilling for deepwell? Obviously not since the area is serviced by the water district. I assumed it’s a soil testing – drilling the soil beneath and taking a sample for lab analysis for its density and other characteristics. Basically, this activity is pre-requisite for building construction. Is Gaisano Mall expanding?

Last year, Gaisano owners belittled the Ayala development during its initial clearing as just a grocery store which was the initial info. However, a few months later, it was finally revealed to be a mixed use complex. With Centrio expected to draw the crowds when it opens late this year, Gaisano’s foot traffic is expected to decrease. Still, I believe it has its own captured market but the way new malls are being constructed, Gaisano’s old facade badly needs a facelift as something to give back to its patrons.

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