Here are more new construction projects (#46 of the series) in the city. First is this development at the corner of Tiano Bros. and JR Borja Streets shown above.

The vacant lot has been idle for so long until a couple days ago they started putting a new fence and the arrival of an excavator onsite indicates a construction will soon occur.

The former RCBC Bank is now being renovated. The bank has since relocated to their new site at Velez-Cruz Taal. Could it be that the entire building will be converted into an inn? (Loft Inn occupies the upper floors of the building).

This building below located at the corner of Tiano Bros. and Kalambaguhan Street is being demolished to give way to a new building. Perhaps an extension the Blessed Mother College situated just beside it. The school has been on an expansion mode.

Meanwhile, the front fence of the Xavier University Grade School in Macasandig is also being reconstructed. Maybe just in time for the school opening next month.

And finally, the Faith Baptist Church along Capt. Vicente Roa Street is now being reconstructed. The church was destroyed by fire several months back.

Still, every week there seems to be new developements going on in and around the city. I could only post some of them.

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