Well, the latest talk of the town is the much-publicized fracas between TV host and Inquirer columnist Ramon Tulfo and the group of celebrity couple Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto at the NAIA 3 Terminal.

The above photo shows Raymart (in grey shirt) grabbing Tulfo by the neck with an armlock, a popular technique in entertainment wrestling and mixed martial arts as shown below. I bet he’s a fan.

A lot of photos and videos have been posted and uploaded in social networking sites such as facebook and youtube and have made the headlines in the news regarding the incident.

Others tried to scrutinize the video…even belying Claudine’s leg bruises which she alleged was caused by Tulfo. In the photos below as well as in the video, the bruises were non existent during the brawl.

Here’s Tulfo’s cellphone camera (a Nokia!) and photo which gained the ire of the Santiago couple.

When all things come to an end…

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