After a series of test runs, the management of Forest Luge will install safety barriers specifically along the sharp curves of the luge track.

Previous comments on this blog when the proposed luge was first posted also focused on the safety barriers. The track has several sharp curves which could propel luge riders to the cliff if they could not control their momentum. Good to know the barriers are in their plans too as posted on their facebook page.

Meanwhile, on the drawing board is the planned Forest Coaster. Below is a photo posted on Forest Park Dahilayan’s facebook account. It’s very similar to the newly opened Rattlesnake Zipline Roller Coaster at Florida EcoSafaris in the US.

The Rattlesnake (shown below) is a twisted zip line. Instead of a cable, you are attached to a “rigid rail system” that frees the ride from the straight-line restrictions of traditional zips. There’s no motor too. You swing wide on the turns, which is disorienting, but the dips add to the thrill. It’s just like a roller coaster except that instead of riding on a wheeled car on a rail, you’re hanging by the rail.

It’s an adventure ride which is probably another first in the country, not sure though.

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