Can Normin sustain itself?

National Statistics Office R-10 Regional Director Dr. Salvador Aves states that Cagayan de Oro has a population of 813,856, which is much greater than the 602,088 as released by the recent Census. In his column “When Statistics Speak”, Dr. Aves asks: Can Normin sustain itself?

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  1. Gene Eric says:

    Those who play Age of Empires, Warcraft, Starcraft, etc. also face that dilemna: whether to consume all the minerals and trees to sustain their civilization or hold it before resources get exhausted. We know that earth has a limited carrying capacity in terms of population. We expand, then what? Back to the stone age?

  2. cdonative says:

    of course normin and philippines will… he may have failed to read the predictions of goldman sachs and hsbc that Philippines will at the top 20 largest economy by 2050 due to its demography and improving education standards… overpopulation is not a hindrance for growth of economy but will instead help propel philippines to the top… singapore and other developed but small european countries will not be close to phil by 2050… how can a country sustain an economy with a dwindling population?…

    • limsky says:

      It is important for the population to grow but the economy must grow in tandem with the population. In the Philippines the population grows faster than the economy resulting in many unemployed. In the US its the opposite the population isn’t growing as much as their economy so they need immigrants to sustain their economy. Overpopulation isn’t good but a controlled population growth is.

      • cdonative says:

        I agree the economy must grow in tandem with the population. But a controlled population growth will do good for now but eventually will dwindle the population. Look at the G8 now, almost all will move their spot down by 2050 and will continue because there is no way to reverse the population from decline to growth. Immigrants can help but no country want their race to be wipe out, so they will also control the immigrants. On the question on sustainablity, the philippines just needs proper management of natural resources. A controlled population will eventually dwindle the population…

  3. degie says:

    never thought niabot natag 800,000 plus!! so going 1 million na diay ta ani???

  4. degie says:

    @limksky: yes, you’re right.. in the philippines, there’s nothing wrong with the big population as if filipinos are very skillful, yet, it’s the economy that is running out of time..

  5. degie says:

    @cdonative: i’ve read that news many times… it’s not impossible… we have lots of potentials… i can say, we are the sleeping giant despite the relatively small area and population compare to indonesia, japan and china.. kung ang singapore gane which is just as big as siquijor, they able to manage to be one of the richest… kita pa kaha…

    • cdonative says:

      yes we are truly a sleeping giant… we have vast untapped natural resources and an improving educational standard… indonesia and china are expected to improve their standing due to the big population. but china due to its population policy, in time the economy will be affected… singapore will be left out also due to its dwindling population… indonesia can sustain… Singapore could be a good model in managing its resources… kayang kaya gyud nato moasinso but dili at the expense of morality and values..

      • degie says:

        btaw!! anyway, did you know that more than1 trillion dollars ang nakita nga resources dris mindanao alone??? another thing is that the spratlys, scarborough, reed bank, benham rise has trillions of natural gas deposits that could last up to 100 years!!! ana ta ka dato.. i’m very hopeful jud that this administration can sustain and get on our feet again..

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