Forest Luge at Forest Park Dahilayan now on test run

Forest Luge, the FIRST and ONLY Mountain Luge ride in the Philippines located at Forest Park Dahilayan in Manolo Fortich town is now on test run.

The course which is just along the hillside featuring the name “FOREST PARK” as shown in the photos, is now almost ready with the asphalt layer. Improvements are underway to make it more safe and secure for the riders. Family friends of the owners are shown during the test run and you can clearly see the joy and excitement on their faces on the fun ride patterned after the famed Sentosa luge ride in Singapore.

all photos from facebook

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  1. popohat says:

    I was there last Saturday, and I was hesitant to try because there are no side railings especially at the upper part which is a cliff!

  2. cdonative says:

    tsada ni dah. will surely try this on my next visit.

  3. Bamboo88 says:

    WOW! Chada kaayo! We haven’t seen this yet when we were there during Black Saturday (2 weeks ago)…nice nice nice! More progress Dahilayan!

  4. Gene Eric says:

    The rides in Dahilayan may seem playable by all types of people but it’s not. The staff should ensure that riders are qualified & fit to get into those rides and visitors should also not get the presumption that anyone can get into these rides. When we were there somebody had an accident in the quad bikes & I heard stories of other accidents here. Only those who know how to drive a mc or car should be allowed. Yes, there should be railings on the luge track. If somebody panics & forgets to apply the brakes…. By the way, I like Dahilayan.

  5. Mike says:

    This would surely attract more tourists but then again safety should be the first priority.

  6. Bong says:

    I agree with Mike. Safety first. This luge has no barriers to prevent a person from falling off the cliff. I have tried the luge in Sentosa Singapore and it is safe even for kids.

  7. damarre says:

    i think the railings is a must

  8. dansuy says:

    i think they’re gonna have it installed in due time co’z looking at the pics, it’s not done yet.

  9. Gene Eric says:

    Yehey! That’s fun!

  10. e says:

    ka dagwayg kwarta ba sads negosyante ana!
    gi open for business na nga wa man gani unaha ang safety sa iyang customers!

  11. RSC-MCKOY says:

    hahahahahahaha…you guys are soo funny, yuou react a lot like you uys have not seen the title of this update: i think it says: Test Run! and part of its evaluation in the testing run are those that you guys twitting about…silly people..

    • russellup says:

      Agree! People will always have something bad to say.

    • popohat says:

      Well, I think you’re blind as well. Even if its just a test run, WE can clearly see that not only adults were able to test it but also the kids that’s why we are concerned of their safety.

      And we goddamn know that this luge is not yet done.

  12. Pacman Republic says:

    Wow, nice ride! Can’t wait to ride this as soon as I come home. Way to GO Dahilayan Adventure Park!!! But pls don’t forget, PASSENGER’S SAFETY must GO FIRST! Congrats!! 🙂

  13. dansuy says:

    well u have a point, the test run must’ve been done by the adults only.

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