Licoan & Puerto Flyovers due for painting soon

In spite of the flak he received from the opposition regarding the coloring of the Macanhan flyover, City Mayor Vicente ‘Dongkoy’ Y. Emano has not altered his plans to paint the other flyovers in the city with the same color scheme.

Read more HERE.

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  1. degie says:

    what??? purple again? mas nice man kung beige or white…hehehe

  2. boodex says:

    The paint is not at all bad…

  3. boodex says:

    I mean the color…subtle to the eye…

  4. Rustans says:

    Nice wala nay mupalag Ana ha…

  5. Ben says:

    Shameless EPAL in the highest order!

  6. cdonative says:

    Diha si SENDONGKOY maau, pa effect, pa looy looy, pa gimmick gimmick…

    again and again, for bridges due to safety concerns, should be painted in standard safety colors

  7. kesen says:

    i suggest dili nalang unta i-apil ang nasa lico-an nga fly-over kay murag dili na desente tan-awon……let it be nalang,…….

  8. Andy says:

    This is a mere image propaganda, but it is up to him waiting when the cdo residents and voters decide.
    It’s not bad actually but very strange color to a fly over. Only in CDO!

  9. e says:

    owaw it’s uveh ur s0 graveh.
    la vang ivang c0l0r dyan kesa uveh???
    graveh na to ha!
    to da highest level na to aleluya!

  10. russellup says:

    Bugok gyud ning Emano. Baga kaayo ug nawong. Murag naka tag iya sa CDO. Purple is not acceptable since there should be a standard color like the orange/black stripes. What is DPWH doing?

  11. theresnoplacelike_cgy says:

    I hope not. For me lang, sana gray… My fave color. Lol

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