Sendong Memorial Wall at Gaston Park

The groundbreaking was held today for the Sendong Memorial Wall which will rise at the southwest section of Gaston Park.

The marker, which measures 8 feet tall and 12 feet wide, bears the name of those who perished during Typhoon Sendong. Accordingly, the names were based on the list provided by the National Disaster Risk Reduction Council (NDRRC) Regional Office No. 10 and will be updated.

Below is a closer look of some of the names on the wall. Click the image for larger view.

The wall is a project of Junior Chamber International (JCI) led by Project Committee Chairperson Gean Tulang-Cesar. As shown, the Memorial Wall will be enclosed by a small fence with an opening at the front with stepping stones leading to the wall…

The groundbreaking and capsule laying ceremony was attended by JCI personalities and City officials led by Mayor Vicente Emano. This is the second of its kind after the Memorial Wall at Golden Haven.

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  1. theresnoplacelike_cgy says:

    Im not impressed with the design pero thats not important hehe

  2. Gene Eric says:

    Black text on white background looks better for me. Although black granite (like in Plaza de los Heroes) looks shiny but if not maintained well, rain and dust makes edges white & dirty.

  3. Gene Eric says:

    Sa akong opinion @TheresNoPlace, importante ang concept of PLACE where we can grieve and console victims or kin. Nice place to light candles, lay down flowers, say a prayer and enjoy the sunset. Sob! sob! : )

  4. Gene Eric says:

    There should be a place for candles since the wall is white, soot will darken it.

  5. theresnoplacelike_cgy says:

    Ahh mao pud… I want somethin unique. I want somethin that could make it a landmark of cdo. Hehe

  6. lawanen says:

    Ang pangit naman, bisan asa nalang ibutang ang memorial…

  7. theresnoplacelike_cgy says:

    Aha diay dapit ibutang??

  8. Gene Eric says:

    Gaston Park. I thought it would be placed on a hillside.

  9. eliza says:

    okay raman kung sa gaston park kay diha man gatapok ang mga tao. historical landmark pud na ang gaston park. IMO

  10. kesen says:

    i prefer dark colors…. and the victims names will be written in gold colors para mejo elegant….. ok lang sa Gaston park…….

  11. cdo/local says:

    For me Gaston location wud be ok,But butanganan sa kandila I don’t think so, its a park not cemetery.

  12. e says:

    yes dapat black shiny ang wall kung vulnerable siya sa outside weather.
    mahugaw ra nang puti madugay!

  13. dansuy says:

    ayay nag istorya na sila’g motif sa higanti na lapida..

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