Italpinas Inc., the developer of Primavera Residences, has another eco-friendly project in Cagayan de Oro City.

As published in their website HERE, SHELTER OF LIGHT, an eco-friendly multipurpose hall is being conceptualized for My Shelter Foundation. As stated, it is still in the concept stage. My Shelter Foundation is the group which is actively distributing and promoting the use of solar bottles in slum areas and is known by its entrepreneur Illac Diaz.

As shown, the design resembles that of a leaf and is composed of a steel structure which support a semi-transparent eco-skin. The main elements are: bamboo, ondoline, solar bottles, solar panels and drainage system.

  • Bamboo, with its own natural elegance and transparency, will allow the natural outside/inside ventilation, which contribute to maintain low the inner temperature.
  • Onduline on the roof, protects the indoor space from the atmospheric elements and it works as a base for the solar bottles.
  • Solar Bottles provide the inside natural illumination using the psychic of the “water light refraction”.
  • Solar Panels provide the alternative source of renewable energy which contributes to reduce the consumption of energy.
  • Drainage Structure allows the “water recycling process” designed to minimize the waste of the water resource.

The result is an elegant and unique design as shown below. Click the image for larger view.

There is no mention yet  as to where in the city this iconic facility will be established. But certainly, this will become a landmark.

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