PROJECT WATCH: Charley’s Peak, another adventure destination soon

Charley’s Peak, an 80-hectare hilltop property of rolling terrain at the Taguanao-Pualas boundary, will bring adventure packages soon for thrill seekers.

Located about a few hundred meters from Cagayan de Oro International Comvention Center, the place just opened their restaurant in January this year. More to be developed are ziplines to transport clients from one hilltop to another, an infinity pool, a boot camp and some accommodations. The site is a mere 9 kilometers from the city’s downtown or just 10 minutes from Taguanao road.

As shown in Google-Earth, Charley’s Peak is just 350 meters from CDOICC. Although proximity is close to Cagayan de Oro, the site falls under the jurisdiction Baungon, Bukidnon.

Below is another view showing some of the proposed developments. 

The restaurant below is open from Thursday to Sunday beginning 11:00AM.

Below is their menu.

Below is the architecturally designed signage at the entrance.

Charley’s Peak also has a pavilion.

Below is the access road leading to the site.


The open air theater overlooks the convention center. Live bands are planned for this area.

Foundations for the zip line launch pad are already in the works.

The first zip line will land on the hill in the horizon as shown. Length is approximately 300 meters. Three or four more zip lines are proposed with lengths ranging from 300 to 600 meters with the last landing to the site near the restaurant.

Charley’s Peak is a joint undertaking between Canoy Group and Ultracraft Inc.

with photos by Nylemij Chai Go

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  1. king of pop says:

    amusement or theme park napud unta….mao nalang kulang sa cdo…we have enough adventure parks here…….

  2. degie says:

    but this is located at taguanao right? mas nice kung geographically sa cdo jud.. i hope naai mo develop sa high ridge..theme parks, etc.. mao jud na ato kailangan diri kay para pud naai thrill atong city.. dili puros industrial developments lang.. but this is nice..

  3. cdonative says:

    tsada ni… patok ni for sure…

  4. CDO Kayaker says:

    Tell the Canoy’s and Ultracraft to provide a Mountain Bike Downhill run. Ang pabalik sa taas is cable chair.

  5. imba says:

    Sumo naman ni ing-ani nga style oi ! zipline2x na sab? naay glonwicks, colonia hidden, jatico. lolz.
    tsada kung naa cable car from charley’s peak to high ridge then to Indahag,upper gusa border (mountain meadows) then to malasag peak and then to agusan canyons, grabe kaayo ka tsada sa views ani doh!!.

  6. degie says:

    hala.. pasensya kaau.. i thought ang taguanao kai naas tagoloan.. huhuh.. anyway.. escited ko ani.. maghimu unta cla ug water slides! hahahaha! cable car is the best jud.. but ok jpun ang zipline.. they are planning man diay from 300-600 meters… taas na kaau na… i hope mupatok jud sya!

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