Work on the Cagayan de Oro International Convention Center in Taguanao is still ongoing yet slow.

Latest photo updates onsite showed a handful of men, I think less than 10 shown painting the facility’s exterior. Some of the steel structures have already shown some rust and it’s just about time that hey paint them. The building’s outer shell is already done, including the roofing but more work ahead with the interiors. Also, landscaping of the surroundings has not started and tall grass and weeds have began to populate again. Now that budget for its completion has already been approved by DPWH, hope continues that this facility will be in use probably in a year or two.

I wonder what they will do to the entrance. You will probably notice the rust on the upper part.

Photos below shows some of the men working.

CDOICC as seen from Charley’s Peak.

  • si_di_ow

    nice… I like it.

  • Achilles_25

    nice:) ..i hope the next project for our city is to have a big stadium that can cater a thousands of people like araneta coliseum:)

    • theresnoplacelike_cgy


  • rock n roll

    unsa ni ka dako?
    dako pa ni sa mga gym sa xu?

    • toink

      the biggest and the longest project ever takes morethan 10 years to finish only the frames lang..wala pa ang interior until now…kalouy sab..i hope ma pas pasan ni ug human ug ma punduhan nia ni sen coco pimentel..panahon pa nia sa iyang papa..

  • mark

    Ug Unsa bay dili tayaun nag retire nalang ang nag project ani wa pa gyod mahuman! Subra pa ni sa 15 years ni dongsky.hahay buhay!

  • crunk

    pila ra d i seating capacity ani ?

    • theresnoplacelike_cgy

      if im not mistaken, i think 7000.

      • crunk

        i see , thanks . not bad. good thing pinatuloy, sayang man gud.

  • theresnoplacelike_cgy

    oh my. Cge ra kog balik2 ug tan-aw ani. Nice sya. Kanus-a ni mahuman? Kni unta ang gamiton sa ad congress (kung cdo ang pilion)

  • king of pop

    palpak jud pimentel sa cdo..he is not so agressive in terms of infrastracture….pagka pildi sa iyang anak na si koko pagka mayor wala na niya gi follow up…WALAY KLARO….sige lang file ug kaso kang dongkoy..walay ma contribute sa fairness, at the senate he was excellent….legislation is his forte..

  • dansuy

    yah. cud’ve been so nice as to the loc., aesthetic and feature. The present pelaez sports complex can be renovated in full swing to a stadium with tiers of seats around it w/ 70,000 spectators all seated..kaya uy.

    • theresnoplacelike_cgy

      why not… Db? Ok kaayo.

  • dansuy

    oki mu’lang..

    • theresnoplacelike_cgy

      ok kaau ako giingon. Dili ok lang… XD

      • dansuy

        o cge, “oki kaau mu’lang” – ing anaon nako loy?