Work on the Cagayan de Oro International Convention Center in Taguanao is still ongoing yet slow.

Latest photo updates onsite showed a handful of men, I think less than 10 shown painting the facility’s exterior. Some of the steel structures have already shown some rust and it’s just about time that hey paint them. The building’s outer shell is already done, including the roofing but more work ahead with the interiors. Also, landscaping of the surroundings has not started and tall grass and weeds have began to populate again. Now that budget for its completion has already been approved by DPWH, hope continues that this facility will be in use probably in a year or two.

I wonder what they will do to the entrance. You will probably notice the rust on the upper part.

Photos below shows some of the men working.

CDOICC as seen from Charley’s Peak.

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