PROJECT WATCH: New MUST Gymnasium now underway

The landmark gymnasium of Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST) is now undergoing a major renovation and reconstruction worth P86 million.

Remnants of the old gym which was gutted by fire a few years ago are being demolished and construction materials are now onsite specifically at the former football field. To minimize disturbance during class hours, GI sheets were installed as temporary perimeter fence isolating the gym.

The former football field is where the construciton materials are delivered. You can see scaffoldings being prepared onsite.

The tarpaulin is also installed at the campus fence.


The gym is just one of the four (4) infrastructure developments of MUST which was supposed to start last year shown below. But budgets were held pending review by the National Government. Now with the approved budget, such developments are sure to further modernize the city’s main state campus.

Shown below is the updated infrastructure plan of MUST. Click image to enlarge.

Compare it with the previous plan. The only difference is the multi-level commercial building along CM Recto.

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  1. Gene Eric says:

    Very nice design! I remembered many years ago, we had a field trip in MUST and the gym was still under ground excavation.

  2. Claire says:

    talbogan man pud ang XU ana nga Devt… bilib na jud q sa president sa MUST!!!!!!

  3. king of pop says:

    aircon na kaha ni sir damarre

  4. dansuy says:

    aircon cguro ni kay murag closed ra kaau..

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