I finally found the rendering of Rustan’s Supercenter Inc. which is now rising at the northeast section of the property as shown above.

Accordingly, this is the first time that Rustan’s will be designing and constructing their own building inside Ayala malls. Usually, they just rent a space inside as-built Ayala malls. Along the facade facing CM Recto are the logos “Rustan’s Supermarket Fresh, Robinson’s and Centrio”.

Rustan’s will be renting the 5,000-sq.m. lot and as shown in the plans, there will be basement parking for approximately 162 vehicles. Entrance to Rustan’s basement parking will still use the same basement entrance of Centrio located at the northwest corner. The basement is also where the admin offices will be located.

Below is the ground floor plan where Rustan’s Fresh will be located. Escalators are located near the frontage and main entrance along CM Recto. Dry good deliveries enter the building at the entrance along Capt. V. Roa. There will be no direct access to Centrio Mall from the ground floor. Instead, you have to go to the second floor.

The second floor will be rented by Robinson’s. As shown, there is access to Centrio on the left side.

The third floor houses the mall component of Rustan’s where rentable spaces for food and non-food retail are located. Considering this is Rustan’s, these spaces should be occupied by high-end restaurants and shops.

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