Macajalar Bay, which covers Cagayan de Oro City as well as nearby Tagoloan town that hosts the Phividec Industrial Estate, are among the possible sites to host a floating storage and re-gasification unit that will support liquid natural gas (LNG) power sources in Mindanao.

Preliminary data from a World Bank-funded technical study under the Department of Energy (DoE) presented by Ma. Laura L. Saguin, chief of the Natural Gas Management Division, during the Power Forum held last week here, noted strategic infrastructure for LNG can also be constructed in Davao, General Santos, Iligan, and this part of Northern Mindanao. “But we also need to identify the possible market,” said Ms. Saguin. “To lower the cost of putting up the facility, we need to determine the parallel market coming from the industry side,” she explained. The Department of Energy is focusing on LNG as a power base for Mindanao due to unstable supply from hydropower plants. At present, Ms. Saguin said the two largest natural gas suppliers — the Malampaya Gas Field off Palawan and Libertad Gas from Cebu — corner only 7.4% share of the energy supply for the whole country. “It is high time to introduce natural gas to diversify the source of power generation,” said Ms. Saguin. “That’s why we need to have the technology.” “The objective of DoE is for us to find out if something can be done in the next three years, if there is sufficient demand and in if there’s available technology,” said Ms. Saguin. The study team, she said, hopes to present its findings to the public in May this year.


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